20 Animal Families That Will Make You Want to Hug Your Parents Right Away

4 years ago

Similar to us humans, animals also share a special bond with their families. The parents always love and take care of their children, while the babies feel safe and secure. Not many things are more heartwarming than seeing a momma dog be proud of her pups, or a cat holding her kitten as if they’re cuddling.

Bright Side would like to share 20 pictures with you that will undoubtedly show everyone the beauty of parenthood within the animal kingdom!

1. She is so proud of herself, and for good reason!

2. When you had a bad dream and decided to run to mom’s bed:

3. How giraffe moms express their love

4. There’s nothing like that father-son bond.

5. “I’m a good boy, mom, gimme a smooch!”

6. Mamma squirrel taking care of her baby

7. Taking her baby for a stroll

8. You can tell the little pup feels safe.

9. Nothing beats a good mother and daughter nap.

10. Mom is always ready to be a pillow.

11. They should be proud of the many beautiful babies they made!

12. This mom is happy her whole family fits in her bed.

13. When you’re watching a scary movie with mom:

14. A hard-fought family portrait

15. Mom cuddling momma kitten who’s cuddling her baby

16. Nice weather for a family walk

17. Forehead kiss for her newborn

18. Baby hippo got a little tired.

19. “I like to show my dog this picture of her and her real mom from time to time.”

20. Elephants hug in the most adorable way ever.

Have you ever taken a pic of your pet with their baby? Please share them with us so we can all show off our cute families!


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Kittens hugging their mother is one of the sweetest things you can see in this world!


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