20+ Animals With Big Hearts Who Are Always Ready to Come to the Rescue

3 years ago

The saying, “Life is given for good deeds” is relevant not only for people but also for our small friends. They, just like us, know how to be compassionate, provide support, and come to the rescue. In their little hearts, tons of tenderness and love are hidden, which animals gladly share with each other and with humans.

We at Bright Side are delighted with how subtly pets are able to feel and how boldly they can act, rushing to help complete strangers. They all are little heroes who deserve some special attention.

“Our dog guarded the baby for 24 hours until the mother came. Wilson is such a good boy!”

“My friend’s cat stopped taking care of her babies. Today, we found their father like this.”

“Our goat lost her mother when she was very young. Our llama replaced her parents. They’ve been inseparable.”

A stray dog ​​takes care of stray kittens.

“I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 12 and have suffered from depression and anxiety. My cat just saved me and did more for my health than any pills or therapy ever could.”

This dog adopted a brood of possums.

“A stray rabbit helped my boyfriend dig a hole in the garden.”

“My cat thinks my dog is her mom. I hope she never finds out she was adopted!”

“Digby protects Newt. There’s so much noise outside with those fireworks. When she gets nervous, whimpers, or shakes with fear, he licks her head.”

“My cat is a hunter. But he took this baby away from the crow and didn’t touch it because you can’t offend the little ones.”

This dog adopted a calf.

These babies think this is their mom.

“My cat taking care of a baby squirrel who came to our house today”

“One of our dogs is old and blind. Our cat became her guide and they’re inseparable now.”

“My nurse-dog, Onyx, is taking such good care of me after my surgery. I don’t think she’s slept in a week.”

“The cat I never wanted saved my life. I was asleep when I stopped breathing. I couldn’t call for help. He was jumping on my chest for 20 seconds until I started breathing again.”

This shelter dog recently lost her babies. She got the puppies who lost their mother, and she looks after them as if they were blood family.

“This very good girl named Scout donates blood to help save other dogs.”

“Gidget (on the left) ’works’ as a mom at our shelter. She loves babies of all sizes.”

The dog guards the ducks so they can eat safely.

“Meet Elsa! She’s the hospital’s therapy dog. She visited me almost every day and helped me through my struggles of adapting to a new diagnosis.”

“My stepmom’s 130-lb St. Bernard thinks he is the mom of our new kittens.”

Do you know of other times animals came to help each other or another person?

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