20 Confusing Pics That Needed to be Double-Checked

year ago

The human mind is more vital than any other organ in the body, but it can be easily deceived and confused. This is the concept behind these photographs shot from a different angle. They compel us to take a second glance, and even that isn’t always sufficient to determine what’s happening.

Bright Side has put together 20 pictures to trick your eyes and wants to see if they can fool you too.

1. "Nice cat.’’

2. ’’T-Rex arms’’

3. ’’Buzz cut ponytail.’’

4. ’’Not a Mohawk.’’

5. ’’Coffee mate’’

6. ’’A very long cow!’’

7. ’’This cat emerging from a TV’’

8. ’’It’s just 2 bald men.’’

9. ’’One-legged girl’’

10. ’’Was taking a picture of my shoes... looks like my feet switched sides.’’

11. ’’Unintentionally seductive...’’

12. ’’Velociraptor, double jointed or broken...’’

13. ’’Giant bird’’

14. ’’A photo I took in Atlanta’’

15. “When these hand prints look like hands rising out of the sand”

16. ’’The building melts with the sky."

17. ’’I almost forgot my wallet at Target.’’

18. “The rug has become sentient.”

19. ’’Just a couch with pillows...’’

20. ’’She just got copy pasted.’’

Which photo made you feel the most fooled? Do you have pictures that are hard to understand that you’d like to show us? You can do so in the comment section!


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