20+ Famous Men Who Are Totally Okay With Donning Painted Nails in Public

2 years ago

Many fashion trends have become unisex over the years. Just like women, men like to indulge in various self-care activities including getting a manicure. Some of them are even cool with painting their nails in bright colors and it often looks quite attractive.

We at Bright Side selected famous men who prefer to wear colored nail polish over neutral tones.

Brad Pitt

Chris Hemsworth

Keanu Reeves

Jason Momoa

Jared Leto

Macaulay Culkin

Andrew Garfield

Harry Styles

Steven Tyler

Liam Hemsworth

Zac Efron

Brooklyn Beckham

Bad Bunny

Adam Lambert

Kevin Nealon

Dominic Monaghan

AJ McLean


Chris Sullivan

Marc Jacobs

Darren Criss

Johnny Depp

How do you relate to this fashion trend?


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Rock stars with black nails... Eternally devoted, eternally in love ??


This is really weird to look at, for some reason it just doesn’t seem right ?


Ok here are my thoughts...first of all why are all the comments made by women in this discussion...is it weird for a male to be reading this article


It's just another way to express yourself in my opinion, everyone should be able to paint their nails without others judging it!


I find them very attractive. I have friends who do it, and I think it's normal


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