20 Hysterical Times Animals Were Photobomb Ninjas

4 years ago

When the camera was first created, pranks and accidents such as photobombing were definitely not anticipated. Now, not only do humans do it, but animals do too! Whether they’re intentional or not, some photobombs are incredibly funny and charming!

That’s why we at Bright Side simply have to share photos of animals with you that are experts at photobombing!

1. “Your Machu Picchu photo would not be complete without me!”

2. “Found you. This photo’s mine.”

3. And there has to be another vacation photo photobombed by local animals...

4. “Group photo? Count me in!”

5. “Ah, how nice. Reminds me of a sweet one I used to date.”

6. “As long as I don’t have to be the one digging...”

7. “Why, hello there. Thank you for capturing my beauty.”

8. “You don’t need this guy if you have me.”

9. While they figure out how to pose...

10. “Let me in the frame too!”

11. “Unlike my family, I’m camera ready.”

12. “I saw, I came, I conquered.”

13. “Yes, I managed to get in the picture!”

14. “If you hurt her, you’re going to pay.”

15. “Everyone, huddle up for a group photo and smile.”

16. “They may wear uniforms and have to control their facial expressions, but I don’t!”

17. “I saw you needed a model for your photo so I came.”

18. “Now your selfie became a we-fie.”

19. “Smile, everyone!”

20. “I’m very happy for you, but I want in on the photo too.”

If this was a photobombing competition, which animal would have won? How about your pets — are they better at photobombing than you? Share with us!

Preview photo credit PepeMartin / imgur


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