20 Kids Whose Faces Are Easy to Read

One of the biggest joys in life as a parent is finding unexpected humor in the smallest things your kids do. Whether it’s intentional or not, children can sometimes make you laugh harder than a sitcom. And some parents are lucky enough to capture these moments forever. These 20 kids made their parents’ days, and luckily, we’re able to laugh along with them.

1. “Lauren concentrating intently on cleaning the countertop”

2. “Never tell your horse-loving daughter that she was born in the Year of the Monkey.”

3. “For her tenth birthday, my daughter wanted lasagna. Sure thing, kid.”

4. “This was supposed to be a cute photo op of my wife and son at the train yard.”

5. “My son is a ridiculous little person.”

6. “My daughter smiling only after her first-ever school photos came in”

7. “Took my son skiing for the first time... Went well I think.”

8. “My daughter just 10 minutes into playing at my in-laws’ farm”

9. “My 3-year-old daughter caught her first fish today.”

10. “I took my daughter sledding for the first time. This is her trying to avoid the ramp.”

11. “My son contemplating life on his first camping trip”

12. “My son was really excited when my wife and I agreed to a Pokémon-themed Halloween until he saw my costume.”

13. “About to teach my daughter about real life.”

14. “My wife took a perfectly timed picture of our daughter contemplating life while eating strawberries.”

15. “My 3-day-old looks like he’s about to start a fight.”

16. “My daughter after I explained to her that she will be going to school almost every day for the next 17 years.”

17. “My son didn’t want to be a tiger or a superhero, he wanted to be a traffic light.”

18. “Finally caught my son’s raised eyebrow on camera.”

19. “My daughter’s first loose tooth — reminds me of a modern-day Norman Rockwell.”

20. “My stoic son on his first birthday”

Preview photo credit Rikplaysbass / Reddit


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They're all so precious but the little boy with his one raised eyebrow like hehehe is the cutest thing ever 💓


Don't usually watch these types BUT THIS IS TOTALLY ENTERTAINING 👌 sometimes 🏆 MADE ME LOL


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