20+ Landlords Who Know How to Drive Their Tenants Crazy

5 months ago

When looking for a place to rent, we try to take into account a lot of things: price, location, amenities. But some landlords try to do anything to make their tenants mad.

“The toilet paper at our $3,000-per-week rented place”

“My landlord assured me they have a ‘very safe’ baby gate.”

“My wife and I rented a cabin. We arrived to find a trash bag for a window.”

“Old toilet seat broke from wear and tear, so the landlord replaced it with this.”

“I came back from Thanksgiving to find that my landlord had revarnished the stairs up to my apartment. They are still wet, I was given no notice, and there is only one staircase.”

“You’ve heard of the landlord special, but have you seen a painted bathtub?”

“This rental apartment’s kitchen”

“Actual grass growing through the carpet in my bedroom. Rental property, so not much I can do except pluck it when it grows.”

“My landlord took away the bed and mattress that were provided in the ‘furnished’ rental and replaced it with this thing which is really hard to sleep on.”

“A friend just send this picture to me saying, “Rent advertisements in Berlin be like ‘build-in kitchen.’”

“Camping site rent house. How can you think this would be good placement? Bonked my head 3 times last night.”

“The mirror at this rental house is placed too low to see myself without hunching.”

“Found this camera in my vacation rental.”

“The floor in my bathroom of our rental house came up within 4 days of living there.”

“Electricity plugs at the house I rented”

“The bathroom in my rental in Helsinki, Finland. On the bright side, I could potentially brush my teeth, shower, and drop a number 2 at the same time.”

“The third bedroom at our rental apartment, that’s selling for $700K. (Mitch Hedberg voice) ‘This bedrrom has an oven in it!’”

“The ‘mattress’ at my rental apartment.”

“The iron at my rental I just checked into. Have to leave for a wedding in 45 minutes, so will probably be wrinkly.”

“None of the kitchen cabinets in our rental fully close.”

“The 6 air ‘fresheners’ I was able to find in our rental. I know there’s more I can’t find. When I opened the door the smell almost gagged me.”

“I tried opening the vent for some a/c at the rental I’m staying at on vacation. It seems that the wife and I are victims of the good ol’ landlord special.”

“I want a refund for this rental.”

“Multiple outlets in the new house I’m renting don’t let you plug anything in.”

It’s not just landlords who can mess up tenants’ lives. Some tenants have to live with the worst roommates ever.

Preview photo credit tnick771 / Reddit


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