20+ Parents and Grandparents That Show Us Why Old School Is the Coolest School

2 years ago

Someone’s dad looks a lot like Ryan Gosling and, as it turns out, there’s also a grandfather out there that resembles Leonardo DiCaprio’s long-lost brother. These are just some of the gems people found in the photos of their parents and grandparents.

Here at Bright Side, we went ahead and gathered 26 old magnificent pictures that people shared, showing how good-looking their older relatives were back in their prime.

1. “My uncle sent me this photo of my dad from sometime in the ’80s.”

“He looks like Ryan Gosling.”

2. “My dad in Hawaii, late 1970s”

3. “My grandma on her wedding day, 1971”

4. “My grandpa describing a selfie, 1952”

“There was no one around to take the last shot in the camera, so I held it up in front of me, outstretched arms, and snapped the shutter.”

5. “My grandma on her wedding day, 1959”

“Beautiful! She reminds me of Cinderella.”

6. “This is my dad at 17 years old, circa 1975.”

7. “My grandmother, Alicia Valdés, at 19, looking like a movie star”

8. “This is my beautiful dark-haired mother, circa 1970. She’s 72 now and is still a gorgeous, quick-witted woman.”

9. “This is my grandma in 1967, a freshman in college. She was a total babe!”

10. “My beautiful mom, 1950s, Costa Rica”

11. “Early memories of my mom (‘93)”

12. “In the 1970s my mom was looking like a model!”

13. “Grandma being flirty in 1969”

14. “My mom in Japan in the early ’70s”

15. “Here’s my mom in 1968.”

16. “My mom, age 19, after a day of fishing with her future father-in-law, around 1966”

17. “Granny, back in the ’60s”

18. “My dad in the ’70s”

19. “My mom, modeling in Miami around 1987”

20. “My dad, 1951”

21. “Since she got so much love last time...she told me to post this — one fly grandmama in 1975.”

22. “My grandma in 1958, the same year she had my mom”

23. “My girlfriend’s grandfather looked a bit like Di Caprio (circa 1950).”

24. “My nan in the ’60s”

25. “My great-grandmother who flew planes during WWII”

26. “My grandmother was a total babe. I’ve been going through all her old albums and have found so many amazing pictures!”

Do you have any old pictures of your relatives that you can share with us? Maybe some of these people resemble celebrities to you. Who do you think they look like?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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