20 People Who Did Everything to Have Awesome Vacation Photos (Warning: You Might Want to Repeat Them Immediately)

3 years ago

It’s hard to impress people with regular vacation photos nowadays. That’s why tourists try to find something unusual about every sight to make the photo more memorable. Some people do it so well that they make us want to buy tickets and go re-create their masterpieces.

Bright Side has collected 20 photos that we really liked from genius vacation photographers.

Under the sunlight

She must use a really good shampoo.

Perspective is the most important thing.


To the top

How to fit everyone in one picture?

A selfie from deep water

A resounding “no” to boring pictures with the leaning tower

This angle makes you look like a superhero.

One with the ocean

Waiting for a bus could be entertaining.

The right moment

“I always take my hammock with me.”

You can meditate on the beach.

A coconut with a surprise

She is so light!

“My girlfriend loves taking pictures with me.”

Everyone will notice these guys on the beach.

When even the reflection wants to help you take a cool photo:

When the pyramids turn out to be smaller than you expected:

Have you ever taken unusual vacation photos? Share them in the comment section below!


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