20 People Who Prove They Don’t Need an Easel to Create Art

4 years ago

Art is everywhere. It cannot be defined exactly but we can for sure see it and feel it. Possibilities and creativity are limitless — you can create art with anything you have on hand like food, money, dust, and even sauce!

Bright Side discovered 20 art pieces made with everyday, ordinary things.

1. “Some art my sister did with jam”

2. Art created entirely with oranges

3. “I made art with some keys I got from someone who was throwing away an old piano.”

4. “Had fun with my food and made this piece.”

5. "I make art from trash I clean off the beach. This is me posing with my artwork on the beach I collect from the most.

6. “Every fortune I’ve gotten for the last 14 years”

7. “I painted Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa on recycled wine foil caps on a wooden block.”

8. “This mountain cake looks like 3D art.”

9. “Dust art my wife saw on the back of a truck”

10. Beautiful sauce art on a sushi plate

11. Tree stump art at its finest, almost resembling a mirror

12. A corner mouse drawn with chalk

13. Pencil art turned into a stunning hexagon!

14. “Art made entirely out of $1 bills”

15. “I made friends with a woman in Onomichi who owns the cutest café. She made this latte art for me!”

16. “Tape art on the stairwell wall at my high school”

17. “Using the magic power of cardstock and glue — there are no ends to weave in.”

18. “A paper T-Rex I made for my art class!”

19. “I made a Harry Potter-inspired pie art series.”

20. “I made some Super Nintendo paper craft art.”

Do you believe art can be made out of anything? Are you also the kind of artist who can make things like this? Share your masterpieces with us!

Preview photo credit totilolofood / reddit


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