20+ People Whose Ideas We Truly Admire

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Some people don’t need to think twice if they want to solve a fundamental problem. Their number one option, creativity, jumps into action to create a perfect solution.

Many inventions know how to make us wonder, “Why didn’t this ever occur to me before?” Some of these are purely intellectual and are known to catch everyone’s attention and admiration. These dazzling masterminds created something worth sharing with the world.

1. “Fish bone on scar tattoo”

2. “Plant pots included in urban architecture”

3. “San Francisco turtle bread”

4. “I just got my first tattoo behind my deaf ear.”

5. “Speakers in the ceiling at my local airport”

6. “The WiFi symbol at a BBQ joint”

7. “This table at a Wendy’s”

8. “Had to add a large amount of fresh pepper to a dish. Worked like a charm.”

9. “Another option for easy spice access — hang them inside your pantry door.”

10. “The top of this van has a joke few people get to see.”

11. “Found a secret Easter egg in my rental car.”

12. “Inside of a router”

13. “This juice carton shows the correct way to pour the juice out of it.”

14. “My local sushi place delivers the soy sauce in these tiny fish-shaped bottles.”

15. “This fence is made from cacti.”

16. “These restaurant kids’ meal crayons with flat edges to prevent them from rolling off the table”

17. “This hotel’s mirror tells the weather.”

18. “Lightsaber chopsticks”

19. “A honey dispenser at a hotel in Japan”

20. How to sleep on the train

21. “My dad sneaks his remote into the pub to change the channel when he doesn’t like what’s on.”

What is the best idea that you or your friends have had? Which of the ideas above would you like to try? Please tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit BandoLou / Reddit


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i had forgot you were supposed to pour cartons that way.


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