20+ Pets Who Were Hiding Their Charisma Under Long Hair

3 years ago

A visit to a professional hairdresser can transform not only humans, but their best friends too. Besides, many dog breeds have to get haircuts regularly to prevent overheating or problems with eyesight. And grooming often transforms pets so much, that their owners start to wonder, “Are you sure this is my dog?”

We at Bright Side have looked at hundreds of photos of pets before and after their visit to a groomer. And we are sure that our readers will be impressed with what they see, just like us.

“After the first visit to the groomer, our dog looks so regal!”

“We finally went to the groomer for the first time in 6 months.”

“After visiting the groomer, only 2/3 of my dog ​​is left.”

Mop returned from the groomer looking completely different.

“My friend had to triple check with the groomer to make sure he was bringing home his own dog.”

He looks like a puppy again after getting his new haircut.

“It’s hard to believe this is even the same dog. Love that he kind of looks like he’s smiling in the ‘after’ picture.”

“We finally got an appointment with the groomer for Bob.”

“I took my dog to the groomer, I’m not even sure I got the right dog back.”

Our 4-legged friends need haircuts too.

“My dog on the way to the groomer and back.”

“We get our dogs haircuts every spring, so they don’t suffer in the hot weather in the summer. My dad buys them treats for being good at the groomer.”

“I didn’t recognize my pet after his visit to the groomer.”

He’s already 15 years old, but he looked like a puppy after he got his haircut.

Before and after the excess hair removal

“I still have doubts that this is my dog who returned from the groomer.”

Before and after the groomer

“Taking a dog to the groomer for the first time requires a lot of trust, but I’m almost sure that I made the right choice.”

“I am amazed at how much a haircut can change a dog.”

“I’m not sure the groomer gave me back my dog.”

“My dog before grooming: looks like he’s a 34-year-old, flabby, bearded lumberjack. After grooming: looks like he’s a 13-year-old who wants to play.”

“I’m pretty sure we picked up the wrong dog at the groomer.”

“This is what my puppy looks like before and after his visit to the groomer.”

And how did you or your pets change after visiting a hairdresser?

Preview photo credit FlamingoKing / Imgur


Some of these dogs should NOT have been shaved. Double coated dogs' coats suffer (and so does the dog) when shaved. They can come back a different texture, they are never the same, and you collie owners? Shame. Your collies will suffer MORE from the heat without the protection of their coats! Poodles and poodle mixes definitely need their coats trimmed, they have hair instead of fur, and it continues to grow in length. A good groomer should alert you if your dog should not be shaved. Please listen to your groomer!

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