20+ Photos of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Prove Their Sense of Style Is Outstanding

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The entire world is interested in the clothes of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and, of course, Princess Diana. But many people forget that there are some other members of the royal family that have an elegant style, especially Queen Elizabeth herself and her sister Margaret. Over the 70 years Elizabeth has been Queen, her style has changed a few times, but every time she appears in public, she is amazing.

We at Bright Side love the styles of the Queen and her sister, so we decided to see how their wardrobes have changed over the years.

Princess Margaret wearing an 18th century ballgown and a wig to the Georgian Ball, 1964

Margaret wore a stunning dress to the ball — the huge sleeves were the main focus.

Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II, during her engagement to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1947

This beautiful and elegant outfit is perfect for such a special occasion.

The Queen Mother Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, 2000

The Princess wore this dress for the celebration of her mom’s upcoming 100th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II on a Royal Visit to De Montfort University, Leicester, 2012

The Queen chose a bright outfit that makes her stand out from the crowd.

Queen Elizabeth II at Ventnor during a Royal visit to the Isle of Wight, 1965

This time, the Queen is wearing a coral-colored coat dress. Pearl earrings and a bow-shaped brooch complement her look.

Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother arriving for the fourth day at Ascot, 1969

The outstanding element of this outfit is the hat made of daisies, which looks like a living bouquet.

Princess Margaret, 1995

And again, a unique and beautiful hat is the focus of all the attention.

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose leaving the wedding of Lord Derby and Lady Isabel Milles-Lade, 1948

Now, Her Majesty only wears shoes with a certain heel height: 5.7 cm. But many years ago, the future queen and her sister also wore shoes with heels, like these white ones.

Princess Margaret at the age of 19, 1949

The princess chose a tender peach color for this photoshoot. The neck is decorated with pearls, and the shoulders are covered with flowers.

Her Majesty (when she was still a princess) dancing during her visit to Canada, 1951

Her outfit reflects the fashion of the time. The new style was popular around the world. You can see the narrow waist and the wide skirt.

Elizabeth II leaving one of the houses in Hertfordshire, 1952

Her Majesty is wearing a dress with a big collar that was popular at the time.

Princess Margaret at the ball in London, 1953

A fan of parties, the princess always chose very bright and bold satin, silk, taffeta, and organza dresses.

The princess attending the ball at Hurlingham Club, 1954

She looked stunning in open dresses with shoulder straps.

Queen Elizabeth II on the balcony of the Government House in Melbourne during her tour of Australia, March 1954

Ever since she was young, the Queen has appeared at most public events wearing white gloves. Most of the time, she’s preferred the same brand to all others, and she’s been using it since 1947. During her tour of Australia, she wore a green dress with a pleated skirt. She had red lips, and she usually does her makeup herself.

Princess Margaret arriving at Westminster Abbey to participate in the Florence Nightingale Centenary Commemorative Service, 1954

The princess’s outfit fully reflects the style of the time. In the 1950s, coats were either really slim-fitted or too loose.

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles at Windsor Great Park during a polo match, 1956

The Queen’s choice amazes us with its simplicity, elegance, and comfort. The dress looks great on her and the brown shoes and the bag add the finishing touches.

The Queen leaving after her tour of Canada, 1959

It’s a well-known fact that Elizabeth II prefers skirts and dresses to pants. The Queen herself always wears long skirts. Photographers have seen her in short skirts only a few times.

The wedding of Princess Margaret and Earl of Snowdon, 1960

The wedding dress the princess wore was made by Norman Hartnell, the royal family’s favorite clothing designer. The skirt was made of 30 meters of silk organza. Hartnell used very few decorative elements for the dress to look good on the princess. She also bought her own tiara instead of borrowing one from the family.

Princess Margaret attending the premiere of the film, The Alamo, at the Astoria in London, 1960

The princess wore a pink dress to the premiere. She had a pixie cut that was really popular in the ’60s.

The younger daughter of King George VI on tour in East Africa, 1965

For this occasion, the girl chose an elegant but also simple white dress with a small blue pattern and a heart-shaped cut.

The princess with her husband on holiday in the Bahamas, 1967

This photo was taken in March 1967, and 11 years later, the princess and her husband announced their divorce. The woman was one of the first members of the royal family to get a divorce since Henry VIII in the sixteenth century.

Queen Elizabeth ll at a polo match on June 17, 1976

For many years, royal family members have been sports fans and they often appeared in tournaments. For this match, Elizabeth wore a white slim-fitted dress with contrasting red lines.

Princess Margaret showing her sister, Queen Elizabeth ll, around the island during the Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to Mustique in 1977

The women had completely different dresses, but both of them wore sunglasses.

Queen Elizabeth ll and Prince Philip, 1977

Her Majesty wore a green dress and a matching hat with her usual white gloves and a simple bag.

Queen Elizabeth II in Fiji during her royal tour, February 1977

Most of the time, the Queen chooses dresses with sleeves. This is one of the rare photos where her arms are almost completely visible.

Princess Margaret dancing a highland reel at the “Royal Caledonian Ball” on May 13, 1983

The Princess decorated her dress with a Tartan band.

The Queen smiling and trying to pull her dress down near Buckingham Palace

The royal family members also get in awkward situations. For example, here, the Queen had to fix her skirt that was being lifted by the wind.

Princess Margaret arriving for an evening reception for the president of the Republic of Italy, October 25, 1990

The Princess chose a stunning dress for this reception: a bright ball gown, lots of accessories, golden shoes, and a bag.

Which of the Queen and her sister’s looks did you like the most?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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