20+ Photos Showing The Mesmerizing Power of Snow

3 years ago

For some, winter is about cold and sadness; for others, it’s all about building snowmen, jumping into snowdrifts, and searching for frosty patterns on windows in the morning. If you’re the second type, this article is definitely for you. Watching how snow piles up on someone’s eyelashes or how a blizzard during the night creates curious forms... There are some things no cold weather could ever spoil. See for yourself!

At Bright Side, we love winter. If you do as well, check out this compilation of awe-inspiring snowy photos.

1. Lake Baikal turquoise ice

2. Christmas lights encased in snow in Chicago

3. In Russia, you don’t need mascara, the frost will do the work!

4. Surfers, beware of the upside down snow wave!

5. Who wants a huge winter marshmallow?

6. “The way the ice froze on my car this morning”

7. This very geometric snowflake

8. The snow at Versailles looks like computer graphics.

9. “When they ask if there’s much wind where we live...”

10. When it snows on Christmas lights, it’s a completely different illumination.

11. Mad Max, snow edition

12. When constant winds and ice meet a fence:

13. Turns out, snow curls!

14. A snow-covered net roof at the zoo

15. A stop sign after a week of no sun

16. An ice Stonehenge

17. “Took this picture of the snow wave on my roof today.”

18. “The way the snow rolled down on my windshield”

19. Snow can be used to make not only snow slides but sculptures too.

20. The snowfall on this train trestle

21. A giant train ice sculpture for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China

22. “It’s a huge, puffy, Japanese pancake in my backyard!”

Has it snowed in your town this winter? We’d love to see your pictures and comments in the section below!


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