20+ Photos That Prove Japan Is a Country Like No Other

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We’re used to calling Japan the Land of the Rising Sun, but it’s so diverse, it has a lot of different names, like Eight (or Many) Islands, Country of Lush Ears, Country of Bountiful Reed Plain(s), and many more. Japan is so amazing and original that we never have a shortage of photos that can surprise us. And we have a bonus feature to share: about a woman people look at a lot in Tokyo.

How do you like this portable fish container? If you want to walk with your fish, you can take them with you!

A part-time cat in Osaka

A curved escalator in Japan

Japan has a Star Wars-themed plane

In an airport in Hokkaido, Japan, there are refrigerated lockers to store your seafood purchases.

This vending machine in (Naha) Okinawa, Japan only sells bottles of Sriracha hot sauce.

An additional motorized seat on the train

A shopping mall food court in Japan offers napkins to wipe tables. Everyone unfolds their used napkins and stacks them neatly.

Osaka train seats have this pattern to remind you to offer your seat up to people that need it more.

This sign in Osaka

A river under a highway in Osaka

In Japan, this is how smartphones are disinfected at local fast-food restaurants.

Raw horse meat-flavored potato chips in Japan

“My new XXL shorts are XXXXL in Japan.”

When you need help at a train station in Japan, customer service literally pops out of the wall.

“Japanese tech — bought it yesterday, had no idea if it worked. It’s a blood pressure monitor.”

Gesbes / Pikabu

“Sweets with a flavor of emptiness — they have no taste or smell.”

Balberit / Pikabu

Cat warmer

JonathanWick / Pikabu

“There are sushi restaurants in Japan where the price of sushi depends on the color of the plate you get it on.”

fnerh274 / Pikabu

“After you eat, the server counts the plates and gives you a receipt.”

A can of cake from a Japanese vending machine

“My soles after spending 4 days walking all around the suburbs, parks, markets, and malls”

SinPodrugi / Pikabu


My mom’s friend has lived in Tokyo for a long time. She’s a natural blonde, very cute, and people look at here there. She was on the subway, and there was a little Japanese girl who looked at her and said in Japanese, “Mom, is she Barbie’s grandmother?” © Podslushano / VK

Which of these Japanese things in our compilation did you like the most?

Preview photo credit kornnphoto / Shutterstock.com


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