20 Pics That Can Make You Believe There Is a Soulmate for You

2 years ago

73% of Americans believe in soulmates. And this is something more than romantic love. You can find this unbreakable bond with your partner, best friend, or even your pet. It’s just priceless when you need no words to feel comfortable and full of joy together.

We at Bright Side believe there is a soulmate out there for each of us, and we want to share with you 20 marvelous pics that can charge you with hope.

1. “I want nothing more than a girl who puts her arms around me for no reason.”

2. “My Dad on the day he returned from the Army holding the letters my mother wrote him while he was away.”

3. “Minnie, our senior chihuahua, found her soulmate this week!”

4. “After many heartbreaks and losses, my Mom finally found her one true love.”

5. “The definition of true love”

6. One soul, two straws.

7. “Dad’s friend since he was 15. 40+ year friendship”

8. “My Great Aunt May and Great Uncle Harry had their 73rd anniversary.”

9. “My grandparents in 1965. Still dating.”

10. “I couldn’t marry my best friend without first doing our super-secret best friend handshake!”

11. “Best friends for 30 years”

12. “Nice to have a buddy when you’re down.”

13. “Today’s my 30th. My sister is pretty much the best person ever.”

14. You can have friendships that last more than 45 years.

15. Finally, I have a best friend.

16. “My Best Man surprised me.”

17. “A homeless man reunited with his best friend Max after over a year.”

18. “Coming home after spending all day together at daycare.”

19. “17 years together”

20. “What a joy to fully know and feel the bond of true friendship.”

Who is your soulmate? How did you meet your bestie?

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my late grandparents late dog Tabbie was my soulmate. my late nanna was my.soulmate and my bestie thst I meet on fb is my soul mate and my 4 cats are my soul mates. So I've certainly really.lucky to have 7 s o inmates in my life


number 10 reminded me of the handshake me and my buddy do the whole time too :D


I'm lucky to have a triangle of soul connections. First came my furbaby Onyx. Then my Partner. An now my gawgus baba girl true 💘


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