20 Pics That’ll Give You a Brain Freeze Through the Screen

3 years ago

Your hair and eyelashes freezing, snow blocking the front door making it impossible to get out of the house, or having weather so cold that even your toilet freezes — there’s no denying that, aside from the beautiful landscapes, the wintertime can be tough in some places.

Bright Side found a group of people that experienced a brutal winter and all you’ll want to do after seeing these photos is find a cozy fireplace, a cup of hot tea, or a warm blanket to get cozy under.

1. “Front door of my house in Alaska. Under blizzard for 24 hours now.”

2. “The doors at work kind of froze last night.”

3. “Hey, at least you don’t have to brush snow off your car.”

4. “This is my husband after working all day in −57ºC (-70ºF).”

5. “Boiling water turns to snow in −35ºC (-31ºF).”

6. “Beautiful but weirdly creepy icicles that grew on my house this winter”

7. “My gloves froze to the handrail.”

8. “The cold is creating art.”

9. “It’s kinda cold.”

10. “This is how cold it is in Minneapolis.”

11. “Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf.”

12. “It’s still cold enough in Alaska to do this right now.”

13. “The cold in DC froze my hair stiff in under a minute!”

14. “The way the ice formed on my side mirror”

15. “It’s finally cold in Dallas.”

16. “It’s so cold outside my doorknob frosted.”

17. “This ice melting off a stop sign this morning.”

18. “Tried to clean off my car window by rolling it down, but the ice just stayed in place.”

19. “Surf the lake, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”

20. “The outhouse was a bit cold this morning.”

How is the weather where you are now?


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