20+ Things People Have Been Using for Decades, and They Still Look Decent

4 years ago

Can you imagine nowadays’ electrical kettles or blenders continuing to work for 100 years, let alone 10? How about a shirt or shoes that can be worn for 20 years? Today, these notions seem fantastical but back in the day, this way of thinking was the norm and manufacturers always tried to make their products as long-lasting as possible. Needless to say, the owners of these old-fashioned but reliable items will never agree to exchange them for today’s gizmos and gadgets.

Reddit users shared photos of things that they have been using for several decades. We at Bright Side were especially astonished by the sweater that has been worn for more than 40 years and still looks like new.

“I’ve been wearing my Sorel boots for 20 years.”

“This waffle iron was bought at a garage sale in 1958 for 25 cents. It still works.”

“For Christmas, my grandpa gave me the sheepskin coat he wore in his 20s. He is 70 now! Still in mint condition.”

“My great, great grandfather’s Elgin pocket watch was gifted to him by his parents for his 18th birthday in 1902. It was then gifted to me by my dad. It’ll go to one of my boys someday!”

“This is my lego set being played with again 40 years later.”

“My Eames Soft Pad chair is pushing 50 years old. I imagine it’s outlived the original owner by now.”

“My parents were about to get rid of a 90-year-old cedar chest. I took it, sanded it down, and oiled it. Looks way better now and hopefully, it’s got another 90 years in it.”

“An Oster blender that was apparently made in 1958! Still blends just as well as modern ones.”

“My mom’s Guess jeans purchased in 1985 are my favorite pair.”

“Grandpa’s birthday shirt he got in 1952”

"This General Electric refrigerator made sometime in the late 1940s is still running strong. I’m the second owner — my friend’s grandma replaced it after 70+ years.

“This toy kitchen was bought at least 35 years ago. Just passed it on to my 3-year-old.”

“This is my 1920s — 1930s Magic Chef stove with 6 burners, 2 ovens, and a bread warmer.”

“My 1945 Rolleiflex camera that still takes beautiful photos”

“This L.L. Bean commando sweater has been worn every winter since 1979 (my father handed it down to me in 1999). It’s 100% wool and made in England.”

“This leather backpack my grandfather bought me for school in 1991 — I promised him I’d keep it forever.”

“This is the best coffee maker ever. Approximately 50 years old and still going strong!”

“A tent bought 40 years ago by my parents is still being used today by my girlfriend and me.”

“This cast iron pan was passed down to me. It was used by my grandma in the 40s and will probably be around for my daughter to inherit.”

“My 1920s Star Rite, exactly 100 years old and still running!”

“I inherited my grandfather’s gym bag — a ’70s pleather make with riveted-on handles and those old steel zippers that never, ever break open.”

“My dad bought this with one of his first paychecks as an engineer. He passed it down to me at Christmas as I’m now starting my career.”

“It was used by my grandfather, father, and now me. Still going strong.”

“This is my 1967 Volvo 122S. It has 621,000 miles on it and still runs.”

Do you own things that have been used for many decades that are still going strong? Please show them to us in the comments!

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Good thing that those old clothes somehow always get back into fashion!


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