20 Times It Was Just an Ordinary Day Until Mistakes Were Made

year ago

You might forget your spatula while heating up lasagna in the oven or drop a whole pizza from the box. These things can be very frustrating but only your attitude here is important. Laughing at the situation is also a choice you can make. Maybe it’s not a bad day but just a “special” day.

We at Bright Side always choose to stay positive and today we want to share some funny mistakes that’ll give you a break from your daily routine.

1. “Spilled coffee plus Crocs plus socks”

2. “I might have made a huge mistake.”

3. She’s gonna wish she could go back to sleep when she sees what happened.

4. “Someone at my stepdad’s work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake.”

5. “My friend’s GF’s dad sent them a cutting board for their housewarming.”

6. “I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru with a friend. When asked if we wanted sauce, I said: “As much as you’re allowed to give me.”

7. “You’ve failed in your mission.”

8. “I asked my wife to keep the oven on low for the burgers. So she put it on low-broil, and forgot to take the plastic cover off.”

9. “Either my dog got bored or somebody brought home a tall beaver. And I can’t find the beaver.”

10. “Installing a metal roof flawlessly”

11. “I sank my 4-wheeler while looking for my phone that also sank.”

12. “My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning.”

13. “My wife won’t stop laughing at me.”

14. “I went to show my bunny the forest. It sounded better in my head.”

15. “Just trying to ride a bike near a nesting magpie.”

16. “I appreciate your attempt to clean, my random party guest, but wooden cutting boards do not go in the dishwasher.”

17. “I tried to save a few trees and bought a silicone ‘cotton swab.’ Guess who’s at urgent care because the other end is stuck in his ear?”

18. “I forgot my plastic spatula in the oven while heating up my lasagna.”

19. “I couldn’t find my dog and was worried she somehow got out. Turns out she locked herself in the bathroom and decided to redecorate.”

20. “Yesterday I asked a man with a sign ‘hungry, anything helps’ if he wanted a freshly baked bagel. He was super thankful and nice.”

“Today at the same intersection something caught my eye.”

How is your day going? Has something funny happened to you today?


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