20+ Times When Things Failed to Do the Work They Were Created For

4 years ago

Before releasing products to the market, the manufacturer, as a rule, tests the products’ performance and compliance with all of the their declared properties. But it turns out that not all companies do this and it makes their customers resent buying a toaster that burns itself, a pan that turns over thanks to its heavy handle, or an ice cube tray that shatters when you try to get the ice out.

Even the simplest of things might not meet our expectations and here are 20+ instances where people were unpleasantly surprised. Now, we at Bright Side know for sure what to pay attention to when buying home appliances and kitchen utensils.

1. “My pan’s handle is too heavy for it to stay flush with the stove top.”

2. This pan is unbalanced and almost flips over every time.

By the way, its owner noted that the pan itself is pretty good and that it was pretty expensive.

3. In this pan, the steam comes out right at the handle.

4. “My glasses have an Oakley logo on the bottom of the left lens. I frequently think there is a smudge on my glasses, but nope!”

5. This ice cube tray shattered when we tried to get the ice cubes out.

6. “I found this soap dispenser where the soap didn’t come from the bottom.”

7. “I bought this ramp to help my short little sausage dog get up on my tall bed. It’s literally harder for him to get up because it’s a friggin slide.”

8. This IKEA colander has a lip that curves inward and traps the pasta.

9. “My toaster melts its own plastic when toasting.”

10. Can it really be called a pocket? Why does most women’s clothing have such small pockets?

11. That’s how the pedal on the garbage bin in a hotel room works:

12. This metal piece on the handle gets too hot to touch.

13. “My hammer, after I tried to pull out a nail”

14. “My mom brought this fridge magnet from Sri Lanka.”

15. The silicone straw and screw-on lid make this cup completely airtight... so you can’t suck any liquid out.

16. The pipette from this bottle of beard oil melted when it came into contact with the beard oil.

17. “This kid toy comes with a speaker in the sink. The speaker no longer works after my son put water in it once.”

18. This Lego storage box has a gap at the bottom. The small pieces are constantly getting wedged in it.

19. Everyone thinks that a light-up keyboard is cool, but in reality, you can’t see any letters at night.

20. This bottle of hand sanitizer is made of hard plastic, so it’s near impossible to get the gel out.

21. These 2 measuring cups are different sizes, but both say they are 1 cup / 236 ml.

22. Have you ever gotten dispensers that had supply tubes that are too short?

By the way, the author of this post encountered the same issue and managed to easily solve it with the help of a stick for a balloon, that she replaced the original tube with.

Do you own things that don’t function the way they are supposed to?

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hhaha the gif GOD they are so funny!!! I literally lol-ed with that pan that didn't want to cook :p


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