21 Animals That Are So Cute, We Can’t Handle It

4 years ago

The world is full of wonderful creatures that are so pure, so innocent, and sometimes so helpless. They look at us with angelic eyes and yearn for love and care. It is one of our greatest weaknesses, but honestly, we don’t mind.

Bright Side found pictures of cute animals that make our hearts melt in awe.

1. Bunnies also love to take a bath!

2. It’s so small it could fit in a pocket.

3. It’s not possible to look into these eyes and remain indifferent.

4. Just a traveling hedgehog in socks, keep scrolling.

5. Puppy yawn!

6. It looks like a cartoon fluff.

7. Waiting for new munchies.

8. This is what innocence looks like.

9. Smile! It’s going to be a good day.

10. It’s a giant panda but her size doesn’t make her any less cute.

11. Hello! We can be friends.

12. “So cute, so little, so.... short.”

13. It’s not a toy, in case you’re wondering.

14. This marmoset hugging his blanky is probably the most adorable thing we’ve seen today.

15. Good news: Fennec foxes can be kept as pets too! I want one already!

16. “I eat a lot in the mornings.”

17. Yes, he’s about to spit in your face. Yes, he’s still adorable.

18. With these cheeks, he’s gonna get all the discounts in the world.

19. “Hey, bud. Wassup?”

20. Meet the tarsier who is always wide-eyed.

21. This happy alpaca wishes you luck.

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Just a warning. Bunnies should be bathed for medical reasons and only if it's necessary and if baths are recommended by the vet. Not otherwise. It's extremely stressful for them. They don't like water, it's not natural for them.


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