21 Old Objects That Got a New Life Thanks to Handy People

3 years ago

Upcycling is very beneficial as it reduces our waste and saves us money. It can make us feel proud of our crafting skills and the fact that we’re doing our part to save Mother Nature as we create unique one-of-kind objects.

As supporters of the upcycle process, Bright side found 21 super handy people whose crafting skills allowed them to give new life to old objects they didn’t use.

1. “A bird made from old CDs”

2. “Upcycled a broken cable spool from work into a climbing toy for our new kitten, Lady Sif.”

3. “I made a fairy dress out of thermal bubble wrap.”

4. “Found a pallet in a skip, lugged it home, and made a much-needed bookcase.”

5. “Turned a vintage 1972 Monopoly set into a handbag for my wife.”

6. “Project: old bed becomes cat castle”

7. “I repurposed my broken iMac to be a touch-controlled dimmer — even the USB ports work as phone chargers.”

8. “I reupholstered a chair using used jeans and am satisfied with the result.”

9. “I turn old, beat up watches into bracelets and key chains!”

10. “I upcycled my broken down, irreparable piano into a unique and functional desk!”

11. “Made a lamp for my desk out of an old camera, a broken lamp, and some driftwood I found.”

12. “I made a patio table from my late Grandpa’s wrench collection.”

13. “Made a lounge chair from some used skateboards and donated it to a charity event.”

14. “This rug used to be a bunch of ugly t-shirts.”

15. “I take plastic shipping/bale straps from hardware store waste and make sturdy, functional, and fashionable baskets!”

16. “I upcycled an old handbag into shoes for my toddler!”

17. “Turned an old fan with a bad motor into a lamp!”

18. “No, I’m not eating with my fingers — luckily I had a supply of charity shop cutlery I planned to experiment with.”

19. “I made some lamps out of empty gas tanks and fire extinguishers.”

20. “I upcycled old windows to build my greenhouse.”

21. “Before and after pictures of the wooden cable spool I once used as a table — beauty and the beast!”

Are you also a crafty person who loves to turn old objects into something new? Share your masterpieces with us!

Preview photo credit Mahati Ribera / pinterest


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That's amazing, I love these because almost anyone has potential to make something like this, doesn't require expensive stuff just your time and patience


I really like the first picture, I love how it reflects in the sun!


Oooo that lamp from the old computer is really nice! How hard would it be to make one like this?


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