21 Photos That Prove Our Grandparents Still Have Some Fuel Left in Their Tanks

2 years ago

Long gone are the days when getting old meant living a boring life, and grandparents today have proven that they can still rock the world despite their age. From making us laugh with their quirky antics to simply embracing us with their unconditional love, our grandparents are like magical beings that blow fairy dust into our lives and help make everything better.

Bright Side collected 20 photos of awesome grandparents who prove that aging only means getting to do cool things for a longer period of time.

1. “My grandma holding me as a baby, and now at 93 years old, she’s holding my nephew who’s wearing the same outfit!”

2. “Did a Christmas scavenger hunt, and this is what my grandpa sent for 3 wise men.”

3. “My 96-year-old grandma making sauce”

4. “My great-grandma turned 100 today! She served during World War II in the Marine Corps, and she lives on her own and tends to her garden every day!”

5. “My 90-year-old nana and her 23-year-old cat love sending me goodnight selfies.”

6. “My 103-year-old great-grandma laughing with my 2-month-old daughter!”

7. “My grandma accidentally turned her hair blue and decided to do a photoshoot with the cross-stitch project I gave her!”

8. “My 100-year-old grandma is a huge Lakers fan. We took her to a Lakers vs Heat game a few months ago.”

9. “My grandma sent me these pictures of her in her new shirts.”

10. “This 89-years-young lady got super happy to receive an orchid as a present (yep, it’s my grandma and she always wanted one).”

11. “For her eighty-third birthday, I sewed Grandma a dress.”

12. “My 100-year-old grandfather put his Air Force uniform on today.”

13. “Today is my granny’s one-hundredth birthday!”

14. “My granny got adopted today at her nursing home.”

15. “My grandfather, who recently has been struggling with dementia, has always had a soft spot for animals. This is the first photo of him smiling in a while.”

16. “My grandmother in 1970 vs today — she was 30 in the first picture, and she is 81 now.”

17. “My 88-year-old grandfather digging out the fire hydrant in front of our house — once a fireman, always a fireman.”

18. “My grandfather playing Elite for the first time”

19. “My 103-year-old grandmother still makes and flutes her pecan pie crusts by hand.”

20. “My 88-year-old grandfather holding a bunny for the very first time!”

21. “My grandpa just turned 91. This is his birthday present to himself.”

What funny or special memory do you have of your grandparents? Share them with us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit andork28 / reddit


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