21 Pictures That Prove Pets Can Behave in Mysterious Ways

2 years ago

Pets are a beautiful type of companionship, capable of filling our homes with joy and tenderness. Not only are they cute, but they are also incredibly funny, although sometimes we do not fully understand many of the things they do. What we can say is that those who are fortunate enough to have a pet never get bored with their antics.

Bright Side wanted to share some pictures of pets with you that were caught showing their majestic personalities and that, despite being a bit crazy, their owners couldn’t help but love them.

1. “I just... don’t know... my dog sleeping? I guess.”

2. “My dogs first weekend in the snow — making snow angels”

3. “My cat has been sitting like this for 20 minutes. I have no idea what she is doing.”

4. “My dog thinks it’s a matter of finding the right toy to get me to play with her.”

5. “My dog cosplaying as a ghost again”

6. From this angle, the TV looks much better.

7. “My dog thinks the capybara I painted for my son is real.”

8. “Mac, sitting on his brother’s head for no reason”

9. I just wanted to help

10. “My dog got into the trash *again*. Sometimes I think he’s part raccoon.”

11. “Laps are for cats not books!”

12. Did you see what I saw?

13. “She goes after anything I’m using: lawn mower, broom, hose.”

14. He still doesn’t understand why his owners don’t buy a fish tank if he is already an expert at catching them.

15. “I no longer have a cat, just 2 croissants.”

16. “I, too, no longer have a cat. Just one giant shrimp.”

17. “Is this seat taken?”

18. If I hurry, no one will know it was me.

19. She thought she was going to the park.

20. “This is Henry.”

21. Trying to lose the extra Christmas pounds.

Have you ever caught your pet red-handed? Tell us in the comments about the craziest thing you’ve seen your pet do.

Preview photo credit Ruler_Grundy / Reddit


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