22 Adorable Cat Couples That Will Prove True Love Does Exist

5 years ago

If you don’t believe in the one, there are ways to prove you wrong. But instead of love songs, or poems, or movies, we have cats. And there’s no greater love story than that of a stoic creature who can’t help but curl up with a fluffy partner and make us humans squeal with joy.

We at Bright Side have found adorable kitty duos that will melt the hearts of even the coldest of people.

1. These lovers adore cuddling up together.

2. “Oh honey, you smell lovely today!”

3. Even cats Netflix and chill...

4. “I’ll never let go!”

5. Absolute love between 2 redheads.

6. These little munchkins simply cannot resist a good hug!

7. Even little fur babies can spread the love.

8. “Wait! Don’t leave! I’ll miss you too much!”

9. These proud parents are so happy with their matching babies.

10. A grand gesture of love in the form of a tail heart.

11. A modern day Romeo and Juliet!

12. These 2 love birds can’t stay away from each other.

13. Cuddling in the shape of a heart!

14. These 2 are together forever!

15. Who knew cats loved a good spoon too!

16. “It’s been a very long hard day...”

17. Don’t you just love knowing you’re going to be spending the rest of your life together?

18. A cuddle has to be in the absolute right position!

19. Looks like they’re on a romantic getaway!

20. “These 2 adorable cats just hang out together in Ueno Park, Tokyo.”

21. When you’ve just had a lovely romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.

22. “I’ll walk across the pointy wires for my girl!”

Which kitty couple was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to post your own lovable cats for us to see too.

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit, nouser / Imgur


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