22 Animal “Impostors” Whose Appearance Can Confuse Anyone

4 years ago

Once a man was walking around a Chinese zoo telling his son about different animals and sounds they make when they suddenly heard a lion barking. It appeared that zoo workers replaced an African lion with a Tibetan mastiff. Think it's impossible? Then, we invite you to have a look at this "lion" and some other animals that can be mistaken for others.

In this story about the zoo, the lion wasn't the only one to be replaced: a dog was in a cage with a sign saying it was a wolf and foxes were in a cage marked for leopards.

Bright Side gathered 22 examples proving that nature has a good sense of humor because it creates different animals that look surprisingly alike.

1. The "lion" from the Chinese zoo. Its mane really is marvelous!

2. This puppy could easily be confused with a polar bear.

3. It's a slug. What did you think it was at first?

4. A perfect brown bear impostor

5. A cat that looks like a wolf. Can you imagine anything more gorgeous?

6. Bothers-in-law

7. This dog might have relative among bears, probably stuffed bears.

8. If rabbits were as big as dogs.

9. "My dog looks like a wolf."

10. And this dog looks like a fox.

11. No, it's not a fox either. It's a dhole.

12. How can we prove it's just a dog?

13. Koala the pet

14. Looks like a piglet, acts like a piglet...

15. "My dog looks like a little deer."

16. If we replaced a baby polar bear with this cutie, it's mom probably wouldn't even notice.

17. "My cat looks like a puma."

18. No, it's not a poodle, it's a fancy Angora rabbit.

19. "This kitten looks like a tiny red panda."

20. Sometimes they look like mythical creatures.

21. A fruit bat that resembles a flying dog.

Bonus: some toys look exactly like real animals. Wouldn't you like to have such an incredible pet?

Which surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit drollanimals.ru


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