22 “Oops” Times When Visiting the Vet Didn’t Go According to Plan

4 years ago

Our pets, those adorable weirdos, are so expressive that sometimes even we as owners get surprised by their way of communicating with us. Going to the vet is one of those moments when those “infant-like” facial expressions they put so much effort into don’t work though. From puppy eyes to angry-bird faces, their body language is an absolute riot!

At Bright Side we made a selection of precious shots taken by owners who caught their pets at the exact moment they realized that what was about to happen was not an ordinary stroll to the park, and instead the way to their worst nightmare, the vet.

1. You gotta be kidding me, boss.

2. Wait a minute, NO WAY I’m going in there!

3. If I do it smoothly, maybe I can escape the shot.

4. With a little begging and cuddling everything falls into place.

5. This is not the way to the park, you traitor!

6. Just a regular cat trying to use “puppy dog eyes” to get out of going to the vet.

7. Dog? What dog?

8. The doctor thought we came in without her.

9. We are in this together, brother!

10. — Let’s go, buddy. — I’m perfectly fine here, thank you.

11. My dog realized where we’re going, and now I’m the one who’s afraid.

12. I know that smell, this is not the pet shop! You tricked me.

13. Who do you think you’re fooling? That’s not the park.

14. I cannot see you, therefore I’m not here. Next patient.

15. Don’t act smart, I know where we are now.

16. Just a snowball in the sink, nothing to see here.

17. And, cue the drama-dog...

18. He’s trying to escape his tests. Wrong way, buddy.

19. Did somebody say the V word?

20. My cat loves to play hide and seek. But at the vet, she prefers the “hide” part.

21. Maybe they’ll leave without me.

22. And the Oscar for Best dog-actor in a vet series goes to...

We hope that you enjoy those dramatic little guys. What’s your pet’s reaction when going in for a vet exam? Have you captured any ludicrous photos of your buddies? Share them in the comments.


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they are so scared to go to the vet as if he will hurt them too much, sillies ?


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