23 Animal Photos That Made Us Look Twice and Then Again

5 years ago

Natural camouflage is a well-known ability that animals have to change their color. But we bet you’ve never heard about accidental camouflage. It’s basically when you get a claw in your foot because you didn’t notice your cat randomly merging with your bedside carpet at night.

Bright Side has collected some puzzling photos and offers you a chance to spot the animals. You just need to pay a little more attention to these photos and all of them will be found.

1. When you’re a soccer player at heart:

2. Camouflage level: God

3. Pawfect pattern match

4. Meet the new dish. CATed eggs!

5. A hint: There are 2 goats here.

6. “I’m not a cat, not yet a keyboard...”

7. Try to find where the dog begins.

8. Furry candy

9. Surrounded by soulmates

10. “Catrest or armrest?”

11. How many dogs can you count?

12. Cat-mouflage

13. When you’re a master of disguise:

14. “Mom says this color suits me.”

15. Chef Fluffy

16. “Try to find me in the basket.”

17. When you wanted to go downstairs, but suddenly changed your mind:

18. Which one is the real one?

19. Dog-mouflage

20. “They will never reach me!”

21. Relaxing with friends

22. Tripping over this buddy isn’t too hard

23. Took me some time to figure out the real one

Bonus: Now, spot the human.

Do you have any animal photos like this? Which photos did you like the most? Tell us in the comments.


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So sweet! Some of these cuties are hide-and-seek masters :D


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