24 Chubby Animals That Are Aiming Straight at Your Heart

4 years ago

If you want to be cute and attractive, grow cheeks! If you want to look serious and respectable, grow cheeks! If you want to make someone fall in love with you, grow cheeks! Many animals know about this trick and use it to charm us.

We at Bright Side really value the beautiful cheeks on these animals. Just look at them!

“Chubby toad will see you now.”

Cat cloud


“I’m not fat!”

This is what you need to keep warm in the winter! Cheeks!

“Saw this puppy on my campus... I had no coherent words.”

When you want to be a panda:

He’s so fluffy!

Cats are not the only ones that love boxes.

This cutie getting warm

“What a magnificent potato we have!”

Proud belly power-napping

Fat cat is supervising.

Super cheeks!!! That’s all you need to look cute.

“I’m not a toy. I’m real!”

Sensei rabbit

He is so proud of his family.

When you’re wearing a new suit, but it’s not the one you wanted:

Hippos can have cool cheeks too.

This baby giraffe with a full mouth

When you come back from grandma’s:

Chubby cheeks!

Cheeks... hoodie... hamster.

When nobody can see your face:

Bonus: When a human uses their cheeks to attract people

Which of these photos do you think is the cutest?

Preview photo credit imgur, jmarcoz / instagram


When I see a chubby kitty or a puppy, I just wanna cuddle with it :3
I love chubby animals, this gives them +1000 to cuteness
this compilation just made my evening, aww :3

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