24 Close-Up Comparisons That Show How Our Favorite Celebrities Have Changed

3 months ago

It seems that it was only yesterday when the young and gorgeous Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft. But believe it or not, almost 20 years have passed since then. This has made us grow curious about how she, as well as other celebrities who were popular in the ’00s, look now.

Bright Side decided to compare the appearances of celebrities in their youth to now. And frankly speaking, the dramatic results may stun you. Some have drastically changed with the years, and others have made slight changes in their appearance. Yet there are still some celebs who’ve managed to look almost exactly the same as they used to.

Jennifer Lopez

Age 36 vs age 50

Angelina Jolie

Age 24 vs age 44

Tom Hanks

Age 39 vs age 54

Britney Spears

Age 17 vs age 37

Jennifer Aniston

Age 21 vs age 50

Leonardo DiCaprio

Age 20 vs age 45

Lindsay Lohan

Age 19 vs age 32

Renée Zellweger

Age 35 vs age 50

Kim Kardashian

Age 25 vs age 35

Miley Cyrus

Age 13 vs age 26

Nicole Kidman

Age 37 vs age 52

Reese Witherspoon

Age 25 vs age 43

Scarlett Johansson

Age 14 vs 34

Courteney Cox

Age 30 vs age 55

Richard Gere

Age 29 vs age 63

Blake Lively

Age 17 vs age 32

Lisa Kudrow

Age 35 vs age 54

Drew Barrymore

Age 23 vs age 44

Jennifer Lawrence

Age 18 vs age 28

Megan Fox

Age 17 vs age 33

Eva Green

Age 26 vs age 39

Ashley Judd

Age 36 vs age 49

Monica Bellucci

Age 32 vs age 53

Julia Roberts

Age 26 vs age 51

Which of these celebrities has changed the least, in your opinion?

In a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina Jolie reveals the profound impact her mother’s love and guidance had on her life, shaping her own approach to motherhood.


Drew Barrymore will always be the baby in a grown-up person's body! Her face is the sweetest!!

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