25+ Polar Baby Animals That Can Warm Your Heart Even in Extreme Cold

4 years ago

The North is home to many creatures that have adapted to life in the cold, and their babies remain sweet and adorable even when the temperature drops as low as −84.4ºС. Looking at them can be a true remedy to lots of things and can make us forget that those stern, mighty lands that are generally associated with harsh weather conditions, tough people, and snow-covered hills that stretch for miles.

In this compilation, Bright Side is featuring some of the most charming animal babies that could save even the darkest day and make you dream about visiting severe latitudes instead of sunny beaches.
And to top it all off, there’s an adorable bonus waiting for you at the end of the article!

1. Sometimes a simple hug can save the day.

2. Oh, this world seems like an interesting place to live in.

3. Well-fed babies make a happy mom.

4. When you get lost in a new place:

5. “I wish I could stay like this the whole day!”

6. “Yes, I know I’m adorable.”

7. When your mom is the coziest couch to sleep on:

8. “Let me put a star on this Christmas tree.”

9. “Hey, you! You’re awesome!”

10. Sometimes kids are just everywhere.

11. “Can I have some more food, please?”

12. “You don’t say!”

13. The strongest bond

14. “I wonder where all my friends are...”

15. “I bet we’d all love to have someone look at us like that.”

16. A touching family idyll

17. “Let me sing a song...now!”

18. “Wanna play with us?”

19. It’s probably the first time he saw a camera.

20. “My mom is pretty heavy though...”

21. “Where has all the snow gone?”

22. “Don’t tell anybody you saw me.”

23. “Sunday is my day.”

24. “Just let me take a quick nap and I’m in again.”

25. “No, it’s not fat. I’m just fluffy.”

26. Weekend be like:

27. “Morning stretching is a must!”

28. Together these 3 look just like a huge snowball.

Bonus: They’re adults yet lovable and sweet!

When someone tells you that you’ve gained some weight again:

“You won’t believe what just happened!”

You’ve got something on your head...

“Winter makes me look even better!”

“I’m chilling on the beach. How’s your day going?”

Love is all around!

Have you ever encountered a wild animal carrying its baby? Do you think you’d be capable of working in a severe climate? Opinions are precious so don’t hesitate to share yours with us!


I just want to hug someone as hard as these two cuties in #1 :3
I'm not a big fan of a cold weather, so I think I would never be able top see these animals in real life, but these photos have managed to show all the beauty of them :3
They live in a cold wearther, but they have TOTALLY melted my heart! ?

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