27 Brilliant Designers Who Know How to Do Things Right

3 years ago

There are so many new and interesting things that are invented every day. For example, have you ever thought that chemistry classes lack special notebooks for formulas or that stairs showing the number of calories burned while climbing them could be an excellent motivational tool? Designers also had these thoughts and implemented their ideas into reality.

Bright Side is going to show you some designers’ stuff that proves there is still room for ingenious ideas to be implemented in this world.

A leash with a built-in umbrella so that your dog doesn’t get wet

A notebook for chemistry lectures

This chair has a purse/bag holder.

This shower has a thermometer gauge so you can customize the water’s temperature.

Braided bamboo QR-code

A clothes hook in a gym in the shape of a bodybuilder

This package has instructions on how to make a holder for your chopsticks out of it.

Rainbow cutlery for joyful meals

These stairs show how many calories you spend when walking upstairs.

An extremely cute Scotch tape holder

A label that can be used to create origami

A ship that floats when you fill the bottle

A lazy weekend mug

A chair made to look like a sandwich

A coloring book that will make you feel like Van Gogh

Charming bathmat

Lip gloss packages in the shape of Star Wars characters

The best metal sponge holder we have ever seen

This LED-flashlight with solar batteries is perfect for hiking.

Benjamin Franklin is helping you make tea.

Magnetic key holders — each set has its own keyring and holder shape

Juice box packaging that makes the shape of an orange

A business card from a mobile phone repair store in the form of a mobile phone

A pixelated portrait of Van Gogh

A transparent skateboard, so you look like you’re flying

Futuristic dice

A t-shirt that every man dreams about

Which of these design solutions conquered your heart? Please tell us about it in the comments!


Those stairs will come in handy! Would love to have them in my building. Wouldn't you?

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