6 Style Lessons We Learned From the Gorgeous Angelina Jolie

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10 months ago

For many people, Angelina Jolie is much more than just a talented actress. All the things she does to change the world for the better prove she truly has a heart of gold. But apart from her selfless commitment to philanthropy, this gorgeous woman has a few style lessons to teach us. Whether she’s arriving at the Academy Awards or just going down the street to buy some groceries, she always looks amazing and we can’t take our eyes off her.

We at Bright Side carefully studied Jolie’s wardrobe to find out what rules she follows to look dazzling wherever she goes, and here’s what we found out.

Angelina Jolie often wears nude pumps, which makes her legs look longer.

Angelina Jolie often chooses footwear in nude shades, be it the beige high-heeled shoes she pairs with evening gowns or comfortable beige slippers she wears on vacation. The trick is simple yet genius: nude shoes visually make your legs appear longer, blending in with the color of your skin. To make it work, look for shoes of the color that is closest to the natural tone of your skin.

She prefers black, white, and pastel clothes.

Jolie’s other secret to being the best dressed on any occasion is the color of the clothes she wears. We rarely see her wearing bright and saturated colors. More often, she’s dressed in black and white classics or ensembles of gray, beige, and pastel colors. These colors highlight Jolie’s natural beauty and help her look appropriately dressed in any circumstance.

Angelina knows what “power dressing” means.

Angelina Jolie is an ultimate inspiration when it comes to power dressing, and that’s dressing in a way that helps a woman to establish her authority in business, professional, and political spheres of life. Jolie knows how to make the right impression in the world of power, politics, and business. To achieve her goals, she puts on elegant skirts and pantsuits, pairing them with minimalist accessories. She often chooses this style for red carpet events too but changes business-like jackets out for alluring silk blouses.

She found makeup schemes that suit her best.

Angelina Jolie’s favorite makeup techniques are a thin winged eyeliner, light and heavy smokey eyes, incredibly long lashes, and healthy glowing skin. When it comes to lipstick, her signature colors are scarlet red, berry red, bright pink, and coral. The combination of glowing skin, red lips, smokey eyes, and slightly tousled hair makes up Jolie’s iconic style and turns her into a show-stopper wherever she goes.

She uses jewelry to emphasize her elegant features.

In everyday life and for business events, Jolie loves wearing elegant and minimalist earrings, but when it comes to her red carpet arrivals, she likes to turn heads with something truly impressive. To accompany her evening gowns, she often goes for elongated earrings that highlight the shape of her eyes and make her neck appear even longer. In 2009, the actress wowed the crowd when she put on gigantic pear-shaped emerald earrings for the Oscars (the left photo above).

But that wasn’t the only time Jolie’s choice of accessories caused a lot of buzz. In 2021, the actress stole the show when she appeared on the red carpet wearing an unusual accessory — a gilded chin cuff.

She found her perfect evening gown.

“A Greek goddess” is probably the metaphor that can describe Jolie’s favorite red carpet gown style. The actress often goes for long dresses that make her silhouette appear even more slender. Those are dresses with empire waists, one-shoulder gowns with folds clasped at the waist, dresses with sheer chiffon overlays, and gowns decorated with crystals and stones. If we look at Jolie’s red carpet looks over the years, we’ll see a great variety of fabrics and colors, but this “Greek goddess” silhouette seems to have never left her wardrobe.

Would you like to follow any of these style tips in your own life? What is your favorite clothing style and why?

In a touching tribute on social media, Angelina Jolie remembered her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, on what would’ve been her 73rd birthday. Sharing a vintage photograph, Jolie reflected on her mother’s cancer battle and emphasized the importance of regular health check-ups, especially for those with a family history of the disease.

Angelina Jolie’s bond with her adopted daughter, Zahara, is deeply rooted in their shared experiences. Despite Zahara’s early life challenges, including severe malnourishment, Jolie’s unwavering love ensured her recovery and well-being. While cherishing her connection with each child, Jolie emphasizes that family is built on love, irrespective of biological ties. She acknowledges the profound emotional connection she felt when she first met Zahara, highlighting the significance of shared experiences of pain and adversity.

Angelina Jolie’s unique parenting style is a blend of traditional values and modern adaptability. Prioritizing experiential learning, she opts for homeschooling and encourages her children to explore diverse cultures. While she allows indulgences like junk food, she’s cautious about their online exposure. Celebrating diversity, Jolie emphasizes the positive connotations of words like “adoption” and “orphanage” in her household. Despite the challenges of divorce and media scrutiny, her primary focus remains the well-being and holistic development of her children.


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