7 Celebrities Whose Small Acts of Kindness Will Break Hollywood Stereotypes

8 months ago

According to psychologists, we have a tendency to pay more attention to negative news. The theory is, on the whole, we think the world is rosier than it actually is. And while believing in clichés, we expect things to be all right in the end.

Bad headlines shatter our rose-colored glasses, evoking more emotion than positive news. That’s why we have read a lot about celebrities’ personal dramas and their diva-like behavior. But their little gestures of kindness remain in the shadows.

1. Keanu Reeves once bought an ice cream just so he could autograph a receipt for a young fan.

Evan Agostini / Invision / East News

Writer James Dator shared a story about how he tried to get Reeves’ autograph while working at a movie theater as a teenager. The young man had nothing for Reeves to sign, but after a few minutes, his luck changed.

“I realized you probably wanted my autograph,” Dator remembers the star telling him. “’So I signed this.’ He hands me a receipt from the concession stand that he signed on the back. He then casually throws the ice cream in the trash can and goes to see his movie.”

2. Lady Gaga helped the photographer who fell on the 2023 Oscar’s red carpet.

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest stars today, and it’s not just because of her incredible talent but also because of her big heart. At the 2023 Oscars, the superstar once again proved that she is the queen of kindness. The moment, which was caught on video and quickly went viral online, shows Gaga spotting the photographer as he stumbles while walking past her. The surrounding crowd gasps around him, and Gaga quickly runs over to check on him.

3. Billie Eilish stopped her own concert to help a fan who needed an inhaler.

Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News, Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

The Grammy winner lets her fans know that they’re her number one priority. While performing in Atlanta, Billie noticed that one fan was struggling to breathe in the pit next to the stage. She immediately stopped the show and asked her crew to retrieve an inhaler for the woman.

She checked on her well-being several times before restarting the show, “Do you need to come out, or are you OK? Are you sure?” asked Eilish before mouthing, “I love you.”

4. Lady Gaga took a photo with a homeless man.

This story proves once again that Lady Gaga has a soft heart. The singer noticed a homeless man at the side of a crowd of fans and decided to go talk to him. Gaga gave the man one of the flowers she was holding, and he, in turn, gave her one of the rings he was wearing.

When they were about to take a photo together, the homeless man said to her, “But I smell.” She replied, “Don’t worry, I smell too.”

5. Camila Cabello helped a fan transition after meeting them at a signing.

The singer posted this photo sharing her support for her new friend, who chose to take the name Camila Joe to honor Camila. “There’s a light in someone’s eyes when they become who they want to be. Today you lit up the whole room. I love you, darling.”

6. Jason Momoa surprised a young fan with a heartwarming FaceTime call.

Jason Momoa is also a real-life superhero! The actor surprised Aquaman lover Danny Sheehan, who is battling a rare form of brain cancer, with a heartwarming FaceTime call. The Game of Thrones star thanked everyone for bringing “the beautiful boy Danny” to his attention. “I’ve been hearing about you all over from all of my friends, and I wanted to call you and say hi and see how you’re doing.”

7. Zendaya helped a transgender Euphoria fan meet Hunter Schafer.

Many people lauded Euphoria for its honesty and beauty because this show raises issues around relationships, gender, and sexuality. One fan got the chance to speak directly with her idol. A young fan told Zendaya that her costar, Hunter Schafer (who is also transgender), is one of her biggest inspirations. Instead of relaying the message back to her costar, Zendaya decided to call Hunter, so the girl could speak to her herself.

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Jason Mamoa calling the young boy is beautiful. Camila Cabello helping a fan is a wonderful thing, although this article doesn't specify how exactly she helped them. Apparently, it was the inspiration of her music with Fifth Harmony. Zendaya helping a transgender fan to facetime with Hunter Schafer was very kind and incredibly supportive as Hunter is a huge inspiration to them. There were many kind acts by celebs in this post but the above stuck out for me.

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