7 Easy Ways to Make Your Legs Feel Lighter

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After spending a long day sitting at the office or standing in high heels, you may feel that your legs are heavy and tired. This unpleasant sensation can cause lots of discomfort, but there are actually many things you can do at home to soothe it fast.

We at Bright Side are also familiar with the annoying feeling of heavy and aching feet. And we gathered some tips that will help your feet feel as light as a feather.

1. Try cabbage leaf wraps.

In addition to improving your digestion and keeping your heart happy, cabbage can relieve the unpleasant sensation of swollen feet. Chill some cabbage leaves in the fridge and wrap them around the swollen area. Repeat this until you feel better. Because cabbage draws out excess fluid, it serves as a natural and easily affordable way to reduce swelling.

2. Opt for loose clothes.

While your favorite skinny jeans surely look gorgeous on you, wearing them too often isn’t the best choice if your feet feel heavy. Tight-fitting clothes constrict blood vessels and prevent venous return, which can eventually lead to swelling. Comfy, loose-fitting pants can look just as stylish as slim jeans, and won’t make your legs ache at the end of the day.

3. Put your feet up.

Sitting at your desk all day can give you back pain and cause fluid buildup in your legs. To alleviate this disturbing sensation, rest your legs against a wall as soon as you get home. This will encourage venous return and promote blood circulation, giving your legs some quick relief.

4. Enjoy some pool time.

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and send the stress away after a busy day at work. And if you’re suffering from swollen feet, going to a swimming pool is one of the best ways to combat this condition. Water benefits venous return in your feet and relieves the painful pressure on swollen feet, making them feel lighter.

5. Invest in support tights.

While tight clothes can make swelling even worse, wearing compression stockings and socks can prevent and improve it. These snug-fitting stockings work by gently squeezing your legs, which aids blood flow and reduces swelling.

6. Ditch the soy sauce.

Enjoying sushi every now and then won’t do you any harm, but eating it too often might make swelling in your feet worse. Soy sauce is packed with salt, and eating it too much can cause you to feel bloated and lead to swelling in different parts of your body. When you eat foods that are too salty, your kidneys have to work harder to retain water, which can cause your hands and feet to look and feel puffy.

7. Sleep on your left side.

If you’re a stomach or a back sleeper, consider switching your favorite sleeping position for the health of your feet. Sleeping on your left side might reduce swelling because it takes the pressure off the large vein that is responsible for the blood return from the lower half of your body to your heart. Using an extra pillow to elevate your legs at night might also help to prevent swelling.

Do your legs feel heavy at the end of the day? Do you know of any other ways to relieve it?


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