8 People Who Prove That True Beauty Doesn’t Have One Definition

5 years ago

In our world, where appearances have always mattered, beauty standards change just as quickly as fashion trends. However, life shows us that we’re all so different and beautiful in our own ways, that all the attempts to fit us in any one box are doomed to fail. The people featured in our article prove with their own example that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and individuality is something that we should praise above anything else.

Bright Side found for you a few inspiring stories of the people who live beyond stereotypes and turn their distinctive features into something to be proud of.

1. Evita Delmundo

Evita was born with numerous dark moles covering her body and face, and she was bullied over her unusual appearance by classmates who called her “a monster”. Evil comments left the girl heartbroken, but she managed to gain confidence when classmates in high school finally accepted her.

The girl refuses to remove her moles since they are part of who she is. In 2017 she even auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia to prove to the world that stereotypes mean nothing and that every person is beautiful.

2. TK Quann

When you look at this girl, you just can’t take your eyes off her mesmerizing hair! TK has a twin sister who has just as stunning kinky, afro-textured hair. One of the most frequent questions the girls hear is, “Is that all your hair?”

Taking care of their enormously long, thick, coiled hair takes a lot of time, but the sisters promote natural beauty and prefer to wear their glorious hairstyles as they are instead of “taming” them with the help of locks or braids.

3. Anna O’Brien

Anna is a curvy fashion model whose Instagram account is an endless source of inspiration. Anna’s posts showing her wearing colorful looks inspire women of all sizes to be brave and wear any colors and silhouettes they like.

In her book, A Life Full of Glitter, she speaks about self-acceptance, confidence, and a body-positive attitude that help people believe in themselves and love their bodies.

4. Bashir Aziz

Bashir Aziz’s unique stunning appearance is explained by a condition called “vitiligo”. Vitiligo causes patches of Bashir’s skin to lose their melanin and turn white. The young man confessed that people used to call him a zebra or a cow, and he was so unhappy with the way he looked that he had to hide his hair and color his face under a hat.

Things changed when one of the people he met told Bashir he could become a model. These words made the young man believe in himself and accept his extraordinary looks. Bashir Aziz is now a successful model and a much happier, positive person, as he told BBC in one of his interviews.

5. Kokie Childers

Kokie Childers has always amazed people with her gorgeous face covered with freckles and her tightly coiled hair. Even though she heard people saying nasty things about her looks, she managed to embrace her uniqueness. The girl says that she doesn’t use foundation or concealer on her face. “I feel like the downsides and the positive sides all play into one,” confessed Kokie.

6. Sophie Morgan

Sophie became paralyzed from her breast bone down after a car crash and has been moving in a wheelchair ever since. Nevertheless, this brave and dedicated girl refused to let her health problems hold her back from reaching her goals. Sophie started her own business, modeled for Stella McCartney, and worked for BBC as a presenter.

“People have this idea that because I am in a wheelchair my life is obviously worse than anybody else’s and that really frustrates me. Because actually, I’ve found that since my accident, it’s taken a bit of an adjustment, but my life is better than a lot of people’s because I’m just happier and more fulfilled,” said Sophie in one of her interviews.

7. Therese Hansson

Theresse Hansson first started to lose her hair at the age of 14 when she was diagnosed with alopecia. The girl had been struggling to accept her condition for quite a long period of time and was hiding her alopecia under wigs. Years later she is now a model that inspires hundreds of people having the same health issues to not be afraid of being themselves.

“Don’t hide,” Therese says. “It will only make you feel worse. A big stone of relief will leave your body if you can just be yourself. Anyone that won’t accept it is not someone you need in your life anyway.”

8. Nyma Tang

Nature has blessed Nyma Tang with a mesmerizing dark skin tone. Just like many other dark-skinned women, she knows how difficult it can be to find makeup that matches her complexion. Nyma launched her Youtube channel where she tests the darkest versions of makeup products to find out how they really look on the skin. Her aim is to empower women to look and feel their best to and help the beauty industry improve their products and attitudes.

What do you think of these amazing people and their stories? Have you ever met a person whose looks and personality wowed you? We’d love to read your stories in the comments!


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Beautiful girls, all of them. I can feel their charisma through the photos :)


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