8 Smart Ideas That Prove Life Shouldn’t Be Hard

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A world without the fun of innovation would be boring and slow-moving. A study even said that it’s in the human brain that we think outside the box for creative solutions when we’re faced with a predicament. Thus, our lives are easier and better because of our smart thinking.

Bright Side encourages ideas that make our daily lives effortless. That’s why we listed a few genius hacks to supplement your curious minds.

1. Oxalic acid for old, corroded pots and pans

A pan shouldn’t get thrown out simply because it has become tarnished. Although there are countless cleaning hacks that promise to get rid of rust and other stains, a solution of oxalic acid and warm water is never a miss. The mixture is spreadable and can be applied to surfaces with a scouring pad or a toothbrush.

2. A pushpin for your adhesives

We can save tons of superglue and money by using a simple yet surprising technique. Make use of a pushpin as a seal to prevent the adhesive from drying out and keep us from having to buy another tube the next time around.

3. A solution for your circular sandwich ingredients

This special hack is for those wholesome sandwich lovers in the world. To get the most out of ingredients like salami, lunch meat, or cheese, an ingenious technique allows them to fit perfectly inside the bread. Cut the circular elements into 4 parts and assemble them with the straight edges facing outward.

4. Chopsticks for your snacking needs

If you think a pair of chopsticks is only meant for noodles and sushi, think again. You can snack while keeping yourself busy with work or your studies with the help of these multipurpose utensils. Unused wooden chopsticks may also double as a clip for your bag of chips whenever you can’t finish them all in one go.

5. Denture tablets for dirty ceramics

Stains on our coffee mugs and plates can be very annoying to look at, and there are numerous hacks to get rid of the browning. However, the most effective method is using a denture tablet with warm water. Without scrubbing or brushing, its active ingredients work well as they fizz away the deposits.

6. Compression socks for long travels

For a long trip, using compression socks can be a great help on lengthy drives and flights that require you to sit for long periods of time, often resulting in blood clots and swelling throughout the bottom half of your body.

7. Shaving gel as a stain remover

Have unwanted stains on furniture you don’t want to clean because of the mess? Spot cleaning with shaving gel or cream can save you time and effort. There’s no need to rinse with water to get that sparkly finish.

Also, shaving cream doubles as an excellent polishing agent. It prevents fogging on glass and mirror surfaces.

8. A multi-purpose crayon you carry at all times

A pen or pencil is fine. However, a crayon is far better, especially when you travel. While it is unlikely, keeping this waxy friend around can be helpful as it does not need sharpening for when you write or draw while exploring sights around the world. It also prevents your cards from bending and breaking.

Did you get any more bright ideas from our featured techniques? Which ones have you tried before? Share them with us in the comments.

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