8 Styling Tips That Will Freshen Up Your Look

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Many of us have had a situation where we are all dressed up for an event, but the reflection in the mirror shows someone who doesn’t look like us or even appears to be older. The wrong hairstyle, lipstick color, or even earrings can give you a weathered appearance. We’ve prepared a list of styling tips to help you freshen up your look.

1. Avoid heavy earrings

Loss of collagen and elasticity can cause the skin to lose firmness, including in the earlobes. Keep this in mind when choosing your earrings, as those that are too heavy can make your lobes stretch and highlight your age.

2. Don’t match your jewelry

It used to be the norm to wear a perfectly matching set of jewelry, but those days are now long gone.

Experts suggest avoiding jewelry sets where the necklace and earrings match exactly. For those under 40, this may be a clear reference to past decades — the 80s and 90s. And for those over 40, it may look outdated. Instead, mixing metals is a modern trend that shows you’re in vogue.

3. Slick your hair back loosely

Styling your hair slicked back can make you look elegant. However, wearing a tight updo accentuates sharp features or certain facial disproportions. It can even make you look too serious and add years to your age.

On the other hand, a loosely pulled-back hairstyle with some strands framing your face will play up your features and give you a more informal and youthful style.

4. Style your eyebrows in a modern fashion

Although how you style your eyebrows is quite personal, thin and arched ones can make a face look stiff and somewhat aged, as they can accentuate expression lines and make makeup look too heavy. In contrast, thick, well-defined, and slightly arched eyebrows frame the face, enhance the look, and can shave years off your appearance.

5. Choose your colors carefully

Several factors influence our perception of someone’s appearance — body shape, and lighting, just to mention a few. Generally speaking, softer and lighter shades, like pale pink, mint green, and light blue, can have a softening and laidback effect. On the contrary, darker and more vibrant colors, such as burgundy and black, are more intense and can also accentuate our years.

6. Keep away from heavy foundations and dark blushes

heavy foundation can result in a dull, unnatural look. It also tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, so instead of concealing them, it just ends up emphasizing them.

The same goes for a dark shade of blush — if used in excess, it accentuates the lines around the lips and eyes. For a youthful look, use a light foundation that allows the skin to breathe and has a more natural finish. When applying the blush, do it sparingly and choose soft shades that complement your skin’s natural color. Pink is usually the best choice.

7. Don’t use gold or chunky jewelry

Gold jewelry is usually more formal and, consequently, is associated with older people. On top of that, if the jewelry pieces are large and worn all at once, they will look a bit excessive and too flashy. Silver jewelry has a more understated, modern, and youthful style.

8. Learn how to part your hair

Choosing a middle parting as a hairstyle can accentuate the lines of the face, give a harsher look, and add years to the face. A side parting, on the other hand, softens the lines of the forehead and shows your best features.


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