8 Things We Thought Could Only Exist in the Movies

2 years ago

There are times when movies have literally given us a sneak peek into the future. Electric cars, tablets, and computers that fit into the palm of your hand were all first shown in movies as the technology of the future. Many of us did not believe such advancement was possible, and yet here we are, driving Teslas and using tablets and smartphones.

Bright Side dove into the world wide web and found out about some more advanced tech that first appeared on the silver screen but is a reality today to make you marvel at the speed of human innovation.

1. An ISHU scarf makes you invisible during flash photos.

Remember Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? While this scarf is not quite the same, it does make you indivisible to flash photography, proving to be a boon for celebrities who want a little privacy. You can see the difference in the provided images, as Liza Koshy and Nick Jonas model their ISHU scarves.

The ISHU scarf, as well as other clothing and accessories, uses light and anti-flash technology to provide digital intrusion privacy to anyone who does not want their picture taken. Plus, many of ISHU’s accessories are solar-powered, thus making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. So it seems that Muggles have some tricks up their sleeves as well! Below is Kevin Hart wearing his ISHU scarf.

2. Flying cars are now a reality.

Movies often show cars that can do way more than just be a ride on asphalt. Klein-Vision is one of the many companies that have turned this into a reality by launching a flying car.

Not only can this stunning vehicle roll on the road, but it can also convert into a flying car at the touch of a button in less than 3 minutes. It also recently got an airworthiness certificate, having completed 2 35-minute flights between the airports of Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia.

3. Adam Savage built a functional Iron Man suit.

You may think that the Tony Stark suit that turns him into Iron Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is nothing but a flight of fancy, literally. Adam Savage has proved the world wrong by making a 3D-printed titanium suit modeled after Iron Man’s.

Savage was the host of the TV series, Mythbusters, before coming onto Discovery’s Savage Builds. Not only can a person fly while wearing it, but it’s also bulletproof. Of course, it’s way bulkier and not as red, but even so, if Stark Industries can do it in the movies, so can Savage Industries, for real.

4. AI Robots are now a reality.

Movies often show AI, humanoid robots that can not only talk and perform actions but think and feel for themselves, like Robin Williams in the 1999 movie, Bicentennial Man, or even Data from Star Trek.

It may have seemed like science fiction back then, but with Sophia and more from Hanson Robotics, AI robots are fast turning into a reality. Not only can Sophia talk and converse with humans, using her thoughts, she can also paint.

5. A tiny lens can turn your phone into a microscope.

Most sci-fi movies, especially the kinds that show scientists exploring a new habitat or even a new plant, often show handheld devices that can truly magnify something.

Today, your mobile phone can be used to do that with the iMicro C, a small lens that can be used to magnify things up to 200 times. It’s very light and tiny enough to be carried in a little case, no larger than your fingertip.

6. Driverless, autonomous cars are being tried out as taxis.

The driverless car in Total Recall may have had a dummy driver that self-immolated, but Waymo (known as Google Driverless cars) has launched self-driving, autonomous cars. They are already operating in Phoenix, Arizona as Waymo One taxis or “ride-hailing cabs” because the city has been completely mapped out.

7. Robotic and non-invasive surgery is all too real.

Movies like Arrival have shown a little capsule where people would go in to have their surgeries. While we have not reached that stage yet, robotic surgeries are a reality today. Robotic or robot-assisted surgery lets the medical personnel perform complex surgeries with better precision and more control, although for now, it’s mostly used in minimally invasive surgeries.

8. Hoverboards are getting closer to reality with a few restrictions.

Hoverboards, like the one in Back to the Future and even Miles from Tomorrowland, may not be a distant dream. Companies like Hendo Hover have already managed to make a hoverboard that induces an opposing magnetic field, providing lift. For now, it’s still being invented and re-invented to let it safely fly over any surface.

Do you think these technologies will soon be a common practice? What more tech from movies might become a reality soon? Share your thoughts with us.

Preview photo credit Ishu


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