8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your House From a Break-In During the Holidays

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Statistically, most burglaries happen on the 5th, 6th, 11th, 17th, and 18th of December in the late afternoon/early evening hours. That’s easy to understand since your house is probably filled with new presents and other expensive gadgets that you got in late November and December. Keeping that in mind, there are certain things you might need to do to keep burglars away.

1. Keep the Christmas tree away from your windows.

Many people like to display their Christmas tree by placing it next to a window. Also, oftentimes, they will keep their gifts under the tree for days until it’s time to open them. If this is the case, burglars can quickly locate these items of value and start watching over your house to see when you leave so they can break in. That’s why it’s best to keep the tree somewhere that outsiders can’t easily see and store the gifts in a well-protected area.

2. Set your tree lights to a timer.

Whether you’re away for the holidays or at home, it would be a good idea to get a timer and hook it on your Christmas lights. It will come in handy when you visit someone else for a few hours, and the house is unattended. This way, it will look like someone is inside, and burglars might think twice before breaking in.

3. Don’t post too much on social media.

If someone has targeted you and your home specifically, chances are they have located you on social media. They might have targeted you because you share your wealth too much online. So, whenever you are away, and you post about your activities, they will know when your house is empty. If you do want to post something, wait for a while until you are back home.

4. Don’t leave a hidden key outside your house.

Having a key hidden outside your house is the oldest “secret” that everyone knows. Even if a burglar doesn’t know where you keep it, they can make guesses and finally find it. That’s why it’s best to remove the hidden key and instead give it to a trusted neighbor to keep until you get back or so that they can check your house every day.

5. Make sure someone else can pick up your deliveries.

Many people order things that don’t arrive on time, meaning that they will not be home for their arrival. Delivery people often leave packages on the porch if they can’t get someone to answer the door. This can invite anyone to grab your box or, even worse, break into your home since it’s clear you’re not there. That’s why it’s best to let the delivery company know you are away and leave your package with a neighbor.

6. Take photos of all your valuables before you leave.

It would help if you were also prepared for someone breaking into your house and stealing valuable items. A reasonable precautionary measure would be to take pictures of your valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, and electronic devices. This way, you will know exactly what’s missing when you get back and can share the pictures with the police. It’s much easier for them to locate stolen goods through images rather than through descriptions.

7. Store tools, garden equipment, and ladders in a shed or garage.

Burglars often look around to find something to help them get inside your house, like a ladder or other tools to help them break through a window or door. That’s why it’s best to keep all these tools inside a shed or a garage that is securely locked.

This will make a burglar’s life much harder and it will take them longer to figure out a solution. In the meantime, a neighbor might pass by, or a car might stop nearby and make them run away.

8. Don’t connect your exterior lights through a window.

People often connect their outdoor lights through extensions inside their houses through the windows. So naturally, the windows might not be able to close correctly, something that will make a burglar’s job a lot easier. To keep you and your home safe, buy a battery-operated light or get a generator plugged into the exterior.

Do you ever think about the security of your house when you leave for a few days? Have you ever experienced a break-in, and if so, what was stolen from you?


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