8 Underwear Mistakes That Even Celebrities Aren’t Safe From

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Underwear is a rather sensitive thing to talk about. This is why fashion experts and magazines tend to talk about clothing etiquette quite often, but it’s much less common to hear recommendations about how to wear a bra or panties without neglecting your comfort and looking flawless at the same time. And today, we’d like to talk about underwear etiquette that will help you avoid major mistakes and make your life so much easier.

Corrective underwear shouldn’t peek out from under your clothes.

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Some women choose to wear shapewear during important events so that they feel and look confident, even in a very tight outfit. This is a normal practice, but it’s worth making sure that this delicate piece of clothing is not visible to others. For example, it’s best to avoid wearing a wrap dress or skirt to make sure your shaping shorts don’t peek out when you least expect it.

It shouldn’t be too tight either.


Some people think that shapewear should be a couple of sizes too small to provide a more prominent slimming effect. However, it’s not the tightness of corrective underwear but its dense, elastic fabric with compression properties that shape your body. And underwear that’s too small can give you the opposite results, making you look larger than you really are.

Panty lines that are visible under tight pants

It’s worth making sure that your underwear doesn’t have pronounced texture, thick seams, etc. before choosing to wear a tight dress, skirt, or pants. Visible panty lines are fashion faux pas. For tight-fitting clothes made of thin fabric, it’s best to choose seamless underwear or thongs.

Don’t make your bra straps too tight.

Bra straps do about 30% of the work involved in supporting your breasts. You might think that the tighter the straps are, the better support you get, but, in fact, the most support comes from the cups, the sides, the underbust band, and the back wings. And straps that are too tight will only make you feel uncomfortable.

Regular underwear isn’t good for physical exercise.

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No matter how comfortable your favorite bra is, you definitely shouldn’t wear it for physical exercise. A conventional bra doesn’t provide the necessary support for the breasts during active sports, and the underwire, clasps, and straps can rub against sweaty skin. Opt for a good sports bra for your comfort and safety.

Different outfits require different underwear.

A classic bra with a clasp on the back doesn’t always look good with every outfit. A backless dress, for example, requires a different type of bra. Or, let’s say, you’re wearing a thin tight turtleneck that makes all textures worn underneath obvious. This item will require a bra without any lace or embellishments.

Therefore, it’s better to have a few different bras for every occasion so that you look great in any outfit possible.

A bra that’s too tight won’t provide you with a push-up effect.

Some women believe that wearing a bra of a smaller size gives an illusion of a bigger bust. But a tight bra can be harmful to one’s health, as it makes it difficult to breathe, disrupts blood circulation, and causes unsightly folds of skin on your back and chest. A much healthier option is to choose a push-up bra of your size that has special inserts in its cups.

It turns out that nude is not the only color of bra that you can wear under a white shirt.

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All of us probably know that it’s not the best idea to wear black underwear under a white blouse. The same applies to white underwear. But a nude hue seems to be a good option because it blends with the skin color, becoming almost invisible under white fabric.

But if you don’t have a nude bra, try wearing a red one. According to research, a red bra is practically invisible under a white shirt. But make sure it’s pure red, not a shade of maroon or pink.

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