9 Best-Selling Items That Will Make This Fall the Coziest Ever

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As it turns out, the color of trees during fall depends on how much sugar is in the leaves. And trees like pines and spruces stay green because their needles are covered with a thick layer of wax.

1. This all-in-one blanket-hoodie-pillow will keep you warm every day. It even has pockets for your feet!

  • Converts into a pillow, just use the foot pocket to fold it
  • Made of super-soft plush fleece fabric
  • Machine washable at 40 °C

Promising review:

I was originally looking for a heated throw, but reviews put me off. I think this wearable blanket is an excellent alternative. Very cozy. I wear it the right way round on the couch, but if I’m working at my desk, I turn it round, and there’s still enough of it to cover my legs. This is my second one. The dog stole the first one, so now we’re both happy. It is really easy to fold into the cushion. @ Eeviettocs

2. This sturdy hammock with pillows included will make any place cozy. Just imagine yourself relaxing in it after a hard day.

  • Includes all fasteners, 1 stainless-steel ceiling mount, 2 carabiners, 1 stainless steel chain, 8 screws for concrete and wood wall.
  • This hammock has a side pocket that can holds books.
  • Maximum weight: 320 lbs

Promising review:

This chair has changed my life. It’s my favorite part of the weekend when I don’t get to be in my other favorite spot, on a float in the water. I can’t sit still, so just getting to move a little bit is the best. I share it with every friend that comes over and make them use it. I just ordered another, so I always have one to sit with them. I have an entire sectional outside, but this is my favorite spot! So relaxing! @ Dino

3. This candle will give you 3-5 hours of bright and warm light wherever you go. It will be a must-have to take with you on a hike in the woods, on a beach vacation, or in the backyard with friends and family.

  • Easy to ignite with no fume odor
  • Just slide the lid to extinguish, leaving no debris
  • Gives much more heat than a regular candle

Promising review:

Brilliant invention! Bought for my husband’s birthday, took to the beach with the kids; ideal for marshmallows and very portable. The lid puts the flame out instantly, so it feels very safe but gives off a great heat. Delighted! @ AB

4. Take care of your feet and keep them warm. These slippers make walking around the house comfortable while making you look elegant, even in pajamas.

  • High-density memory foam in the footbed softens your every step
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Available in 9 colors and a variety of sizes

Promising review:

Amazing! They fit perfectly; open-plan slippers that allow my feet to breathe and not get sweaty if I’m doing housework and still look stylish as they have that furry, fluffy thing on top of them. Very comfortable :) I would definitely buy it again. Many thanks. @ mardzini

5. This simple sweater has many unique features, such as beautiful sleeves and a collar. It will definitely be the most wearable item in your closet because it can be worn for any occasion, from party to office.

  • Looks good with or without a belt
  • Available in many elegant colors
  • The material is warm, lightweight and non-transparent

Promising review:

I received this as a gift in 2 different colors and was very pleased with the quality and look. It is thick and feels so soft. It is warm and so comfortable. I think the fit is just right, so order your regular size. I wore mine with leggings and boots, and it looked great. I received many compliments. @ C.T.

6. A fluffy bag will complete your walking look with a pinch of fashion. It’s pretty roomy but not big.

  • The bag closes with a button and has a zippered pocket inside
  • Available in many colors
  • Size: 10.5″ H x 9″ L x 4.75″ D

Promising review:

Cute winter bag. Big enough to add my winter gloves and hat along with all my everyday necessities. Not bulky. @ Kindle Customer

7. Add bright colors to your living room with this blanket. It’s perfect for home, picnics, or even to wear on chilly days.

  • Available in different colors
  • Easy care—can be washed and dried in the machine
  • Size: 125×160 cm

Promising review:

As you will see from the close-up photo, this throw has a knitted look. It is not heavy, so it is light enough to throw around the shoulders when the weather gets chilly. I bought it to put at the end of the bed to brighten up a cream-decorated room, but my second one is now over the living room sofa and looks great. As for quality, it is very good value for its price. Put that together with the great customer service we have had, and this is a man with a very happy wife! @ David Martin

8. A whole 70 pieces of fall cheer! You can make anything you want with this set, like crafting a wreath or decorating the table at home, making the whole family happy.

  • Includes 50 artificial maple leaves, 6 pumpkins of different shapes, 10 acorns, and 2 pinecones
  • Perfect for home and outdoor party decorations, baskets, bowls, vases
  • Easy to install — hang with glue or hook

Promising review:

I bought this bundle to make my own autumnal door wreath, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I love that the leaves are not just a solid color and that they are made from fabric (rather than plastic). I definitely recommend this product. @ Emma LK

9. These lovely socks provide comfort with warmth retention and moisture control to keep your feet dry. They will serve you well in the fall and winter.

  • Made of natural fabric — 60% cotton, 40% wool
  • Keeps feet warm up to 25 °F
  • The plush, fluffy lining is very soft

Promising review:

Finally, my feet stayed warm all night! I bought these socks for sleeping and walking around the house. Great fit (I wear a size 6). It is also very warm, soft and fluffy. I couldn’t say the same about my old socks that were made from wool only. Also, after many uses, the material doesn’t develop fabric pilling. I love the fact that it’s made from natural materials like cotton and wool, so I’m guaranteed that my feet won’t sweat. The socks came in a nice reusable travel bag, which was a nice touch. @ Zivile

What is your favorite time of year and why?

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