9 Plot Holes in Popular Series That We Overlooked

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TV shows are often stretched out over many seasons. It’s no wonder that even the creators sometimes forget what they came up with in earlier episodes. As a result, plot holes arise that do not give attentive viewers any peace whatsoever.

The Witcher

In the magical world of the TV series, fertility is mostly non-existent. In Yennefer’s case, this is the price she voluntarily paid for her beauty and magical abilities. Nevertheless, the sorceress secretly seeks a way to restore her fertility and even risks her life for it.

This development for Yennefer seems very inconsistent to viewers. After all, at the beginning of the series, she showed absolutely no desire to have children. And just a few episodes later, she passionately wants to become a mother.


Fans of the sitcom are still wondering when exactly Chandler and Rachel’s friendship began. They met in the pilot episode when Rachel stormed into the coffee shop in her wedding dress, and Monica introduced her to everyone.

But later in the sitcom, there are flashbacks that suggest Rachel and Chandler have known each other since their teenage years. They celebrated Thanksgiving together and even kissed in college. All of this doesn’t quite fit together into a cohesive picture.

Game of Thrones

In season 7 of the series, the biggest weakness of the White Walkers was revealed: they are afraid of water. However, this limitation was paused momentarily when, by order of the Night King, the Walkers pulled the dragon Viserion out of the icy water he fell into after being struck by a spear. From the scene, it is clear that the undead had to get to the bottom of the lake and tie the dragon up with chains, but how they did it in practice remains a mystery.

Gossip Girl

The reveal of the climax turned out to be a complete failure. There were enough scenes in the series where Dan was extremely surprised by the news about Serena or about himself that ruled out any possibility of him being Gossip Girl. Moreover, Gossip Girl was sending messages about the personal life of his sister, Jenny Humphrey, which Dan would never have done.

In light of all this, the series finale becomes controversial: the person who had caused so much harm to other characters finally fulfills all his dreams and marries the most beautiful girl in Manhattan.

The Office

In the final season of The Office, the characters finally got to watch a documentary about their lives that had been filmed for almost 10 years. They were shocked by what they saw, which seemed like a very inconsistent reaction to the viewers. After all, the characters knew about the filming crew, and throughout the series, they willingly gave interviews and shared personal details of their lives.

The White Lotus

Plot-wise, a group of American tourists spend their vacation at a luxurious hotel in Sicily. Every evening, all of the guests gather in the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Since the first episode, the viewers have been bothered by one question: Why do all the characters eat at the hotel every night when they are in Italy? Even the characters themselves occasionally hint at how strange this is. In one episode, a character complains, “I don’t know why they keep bringing us these menus. We already know them by heart.”

From a plot perspective, it makes sense to keep all the characters in one place. More interactions occur between guests, which leads to more potential for awkward situations and increasing tension. However, the situation itself seems somewhat fake.

The Big Bang Theory

Leonard warns his friend and colleague Howard Wolowitz that the elevator in their building is broken when he tries to call it. This leads viewers to believe that Howard was unaware of the elevator being broken. However, several episodes later, we find out exactly how it broke.

The elevator was damaged during an experiment by Leonard, and Howard was also present when it happened. This raises the question: How could this be news to Wolowitz if he witnessed it with his own eyes?


Wednesday was transferred to Nevermore Academy after she punished hooligans in a kind-of brutal way. This act was the last straw for her parents. And, before this, she attended a regular high school.

Her transfer to a school for outcasts creates a plot hole. It becomes clear that only unusual children with extraordinary abilities are accepted there. This undoubtedly applies to Wednesday, who has visions. However, she carefully hides this from her parents and immediately makes it clear to viewers that no one knows about her gift. If all this is true, Wednesday should never have been accepted to Nevermore.

And Just Like That...

From the beginning, fans of the show had one big question: Why didn’t Carrie call an ambulance when she found her husband having a heart attack? The character comes home and finds Mr. Big unconscious in the shower. Instead of immediately calling for an ambulance, she rushes to him and hugs him.

Eventually, Sarah Jessica Parker herself commented on this plot hole, explaining that she was trying to portray the shock Carrie would’ve felt in that situation. Later, off-screen, her character regained her senses and called 911.


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