A Company Gives a Second Life to Plastic Waste and Turns It Into Useful Everyday Items

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Precious Plastic Melbourne is a company that gives a second life to plastic waste and turns it into something beautiful and useful. Their recycling journey started with building a small injection mold machine and shredder that were planned to be used for creating a small range of products. But within the first 6 months, the local community helped the company collect over 300,000 bottle caps, and since then, the company and its initiatives have been constantly evolving.

We at Bright Side went to the company’s TikTok account to see the actual process of plastic recycling, and we were truly impressed.

Precious Plastic Melbourne promotes the idea of circularity where nothing is wasted, and it’s hard to overestimate the importance of this initiative. The company is passionate about waste-free business models and helps its clients bring them to life by offering recycling equipment, pre-shredded plastic, and other necessary tools.

Another idea that the company is bringing forward is the idea that everyone can become a recycler. Both businesses and communities should rethink the way we are designing, using, and recycling plastic because plastic waste can be turned into so many useful and stylish items for everyday use.

And here are just a few inspiring videos that show the processes and results of the important work the company is doing.

This bike crate is made of recycled bottle caps.

And this is the process of the crate creation.

This is how the company makes recycled planters.

3,000 plastic bottle caps were turned into store furniture.

Thanks to the company’s talented designers, plastic bottle tops can turn into egg cups!

What eco-friendly initiatives are there in your hometown? Are there any ways you personally help save the environment?

Preview photo credit preciousplasticmelbourne/TikTok


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