A Delivery Guy Is Urging People Not to Order Certain Items, and the Reason Why Is Making People Rage

6 months ago

The convenience of effortlessly tapping a few buttons on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to have tangible goods delivered to your doorstep is undeniably a marvel of contemporary society. But one delivery guy went viral for saying that maybe things have gone too far.

In a recent TikTok video, an Amazon employee and content creator named Amazon King expressed his opinions on those who exclusively order essentials, like water and dog food, from the e-commerce giant. The ensuing discussion among commenters brought forth diverse perspectives, with some challenging his viewpoint and presenting arguments in favor of home deliveries for such items.

In the video, we can see him saying, “Tell me why every other item I picked was either Fiji water or [fricking] dog food. Are you telling me you’re out of water, you go on Amazon, and you wait 2 to 3 business days to get your [fricking] water, bro? What are you drinking in the meantime?”

And he continued, “The next time I’m picking, and I see some water, I’m going to replace your Fiji water with Aquafina. If you’re buying dog food, I’m gonna replace half of the dog food with cat food. Yeah, see how your dog likes that?”

However, as numerous commenters rightfully point out, there is a segment of the population dealing with sickness, injury, or disability. In situations where one has a pet, it is imperative to ensure its sustenance, irrespective of personal physical limitations.

Thus, while there may be apparent indolence, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such habits create job opportunities and provide essential services, particularly benefiting individuals with disabilities.

Preview photo credit thatamazonguyy / TikTok


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