A German Circus Uses Holograms Instead of Live Animals in Their Shows, and It’s a Giant Step Toward Ending Animal Abuse

4 years ago

The use of live animals in circus performances has been a highly debatable issue for decades. And while many of those debates end up with vague plans to put bans on animals in circuses, there are other people who bring those plans to life right here, right now. Circus Roncalli in Germany now uses stunning holograms instead of real animals in their shows, and people can’t stop admiring them.

Here at Bright Side we were amazed when we saw the pics and videos of these holographic performances, and we can’t wait to tell you how it all works!

Circus Roncalli, that was founded in 1976, started to get rid of live animal performances back in the 1990s. Since 2018 the circus’ shows feature no animals at all, but they continue to maintain the magical atmosphere of a traditional circus. How is this possible? The dream of an ideal circus that amazes the audience and doesn’t abuse animals has come true thanks to modern holographic technologies.

During the show, people see gorgeous horses running around the arena, a giant elephant flapping its ears, all of them appearing out of nowhere and disappearing in seconds. They all are impressive 360-degree holograms created by the Optoma company. The illusionary creatures are brought to life with the help of 11 projectors that give spectators the feeling that the animals are more than real.

The thrilled spectators of the holographic shows all agree that the 3-D projections look very contemporary compared to the “dusty” old-fashioned circus, with the best part of it being the phasing out of all live animals. And apart from saving animals from cruelty and subpar living conditions, the 3-D hologram technologies help the circus team make their holographic artists part of any fantastic story they can think of. While galloping horses look pretty traditional, a giant goldfish hovering in the air is a complete surprise for the audience. Who knows, maybe the circuses of the near future will show us juggling dinosaurs or creatures from ancient mythology?

The movement that is aimed at phasing out animals from circuses has now become stronger than ever. Numerous reports of animal abuse and cruelty are making more and more circuses eliminate horses, elephants, lions, and other live creatures from their shows.

Technologies like the ones used by Circus Roncalli will help other circuses keep their audience and protect their reputation. The way society treats traditional circuses demonstrates that the time of cruel performances is over, and we are entering a new era, where no animal needs to suffer for a good show. If you want to see more pics and videos that people have taken during these unusual shows, search for #circusroncalli and #circustheaterroncalli posts on Instagram, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

What do you think of the Circus Roncalli initiative? Do you think more circuses around the world should refuse to use live animals in their shows? We really want to know what you think about it, and we hope to find your thoughts in the comments below!


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this is one of the best ideas I have ever read about!

Now it's time to close all of these circuses and implement such holograms everywhere around he world


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