A Mom From Taiwan Documents Her Son’s Childhood for 17 Years, and the Results Are Astounding

4 years ago

photographer and an artist, Annie Wang from Taiwan is also a mother. Being a very creative person, she decided to break the stereotypical “mother and child” photos. Annie started her photo project “The Mother as a creator” a day before her due date, one year later she took the photo of herself and her son in front of the picture from the previous year. That became the idea of the project.

Annie has been taking photos for 17 years, of just her and her boy, every time with the previous picture as a background and it shows how their life changed in a really creative, artistic, and dynamic way.

We at Bright Side found this project interesting and decided to show it to our readers.

2001 The day before I was due to give birth

2002 Pressing the camera shutter together

2003 My son’s leg was in plaster

2004 Celebrating Christmas

2005 Setting up the exhibition

2006 Working hard

2010 Moving and uncertain

2011 Making dreams

2014 At the same height

2018 Arguing for freedom

Did you like the project? Are you thinking about doing something similar? Or maybe you already have some interesting photo projects? Tell us what you think in the comments and share this article with your friends and family.

Preview photo credit artanniewang


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