A Mom Shows the Other Side of Having Kids in 20 Painfully Honest Illustrations

Mayi is an illustrator from Mexico City. A few years ago, she became a mom for the first time; and, since finding out she was pregnant, her life made a 180° turn. She began to experience the usual pregnancy symptoms and body changes. Later on, she faced everything related to baby care: vomit, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, unsolicited advice, fevers, and more. But she also experienced those magical motherhood moments, like when her baby would sleep for hours at a time. Four years ago, she decided to write a blog called moderbloguer.com, in which she shared her illustrations. She later published a book, There’s No Mom Like Your Own, in which she takes readers through her fascinating journey through parenthood.

Bright Side has made a compilation of some of Mayi’s illustrations that mommies everywhere will be able to identify with.

1. You never believed in smelling someone else’s butt for pleasure until you became a mom.

2. “5 more minutes...just 5 more minutes!”

3. That magic moment when you see your kid on stage and stand up in the audience to say, “Hi!”

4. Scarier than a Wes Craven movie

5. You learn to treasure your kid’s childhood.

6. When your idea of going for a walk changes:

7. You could spend an entire evening like this!

8. You get used to any fatal issue that comes your way...

9. Different personalities, same mission

10. That terrible silence

11. Think you have a busy social life? We regret to inform you that your kids’ will be busier.

12. Sleepless nights that transform you into a different being

13. Suddenly, something awakens in you...

14. It’s still a mystery why you smell every part of them.

15. You’re as eager to experience holidays as your kids.

16. Love can also be measured in inches and pounds.

17. When your whole life falls apart:

18. The best inheritance

19. Yes, he’s born already...

20. The true origins of wisdom: companionship and fun

Being a mom is an endless adventure. You discover things about yourself and what you’re capable of doing for your children. You become a fighter, a nurse, a psychologist, and a chef. But the moment also comes when you reflect on what you’ve gone through and on what’s next to come. It’s no doubt, a significant and incomparable experience. Which illustration did you identify with the most?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit moderbloguer.com/Facebook


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I laugh from these now, but then I realize that my mom has gone through all of this already!


I don't have kids yet, but when I start thinking about having them, I get just the same worries like this girl in #4 ?


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