A Mother Fills Her Baby’s Body With Tattoos and Is Showered With Criticism

Would you dare to tattoo your months-old baby? The answer is probably “no.” Everyone raises their children as they see fit, but certain things seem atypical and can blow our minds, like the case of Shamekia Morris and the commotion she caused by covering her baby’s body with tattoos.

It is undeniable that every mother has her own way of raising her child and uses different methods to do so. However, there are times when certain approaches can be highly controversial, as they could compromise the safety and well-being of children.

This is the situation that has arisen with Shameka Morris, a fashion designer based in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. On social networks, information has gone viral about her practice of applying tattoos to her son, Treylin, since he was only six months old. This controversy has generated great attention and concern in public opinion.

Now, here we must emphasize that it is not just one or two tattoos, but Shameka Morris has completely tattooed her son’s body. These images have spread throughout the Internet and have generated strong criticism toward the mother. Despite this, she does not hide her love for tattoos and shows no remorse for her actions.

Although they are temporary tattoos, this form of parenting has generated discontent among many people. Even so, the mother has decided not to be intimidated by the comments of the general public and has defended herself through her social networks: “I don’t care about the judgment of those who criticize me because this is a lifestyle that we enjoy.”

In an interview, Morris expressed, “I get a lot of aggressive reactions; people say that I am raising my son as a ’gangster,’ a ’thug,’ and that they are not used to seeing a baby with tattoos.”

Likewise, the mother highlighted a particular episode of rejection: “When I was eight months pregnant, I did a photoshoot with my brothers in a tattoo store. (Since then) I was mocked on social media. All the comments were negative, people said my baby was going to be born with a bunch of tattoos. He’s going to have poison on his skin. It was crazy.”

And yes, the public understands that these are temporary tattoos and, although it does produce some relief to know that fact, the criticism continues. Many people claim that it is negatively influencing her child, even though the baby does not really understand what is going on with his body and, in particular, with his skin.

Morris has also opened up and mentioned that sometimes the comments get so hurtful, she starts to feel bad: “The reaction has been horrible. It hurts my feelings because I know I’m not a bad mother and I get all kinds of things said to me.”

While the quality of her parenting in other respects doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, the fact that she has made such a controversial decision about her son’s appearance has left her in a bad light.

Baby tattoos are definitely unusual. But sometimes adult tattoos look no less strange.


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