A Woman Recorded a Video to Prove That the Plane She Was Traveling In Lost a Piece Mid Air and This Is the Airline’s Response

4 months ago

This lady on TikTok recorded the kind of scary situation we all dread when boarding a plane. Imagine this: a piece of the plane she was on just decided to take off on its own! The people in the comments were freaking out, wondering, “How was everyone so calm?”

A part of the plane flew off not even 20 minutes into her flight.

A mere 20 minutes into this woman’s flight, chaos ensued as a critical part of the airplane took an unscheduled departure. The door plug for the fuselage dislodged during the ascent, unleashing a rapid depressurization of the cabin and exposing terrified passengers to the open air thousands of feet above the ground. At an altitude of 16,000 feet, a sudden breach next to seat 26A prompted the pilot to declare an emergency.

As the plane began its descent, shaken passengers recorded footage of the alarming hole left by the departed door plug. Among them was a woman who swiftly uploaded the video to TikTok, where it rapidly went viral. In response to the incident, Alaska Airlines conveyed in their latest statement that their maintenance teams stand ready to conduct necessary inspections. The situation has taken a toll on the airline’s operations, leading to a substantial number of flight cancellations, with more expected in the coming days.

People on the comments were freaking out.

The comments section of the video became a virtual hub of panic and shock, with viewers expressing their heightened anxiety and disbelief. One commenter shared, “Ok, the movies made it seem like the seats themselves would be ripped out of their sockets if there was a small hand-sized hole in the side of a plane.” A common sentiment echoed throughout the comments was encapsulated in the question, "How was everyone so calm?"—highlighting the collective disbelief at the passengers’ seemingly composed reaction in the face of such a terrifying ordeal.

As the video circulated online, it became clear that people were not only shocked by the incident itself, but also intrigued by the apparent composure of those onboard. If you’ve ever wondered about the dos and don’ts of staying level-headed in-flight, our upcoming article, “10 Things You Should Never Do on a Plane,” is a must-read.


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